Foot protection is more than just about finding the right shoe. Getting the right sock is just as important for proving comfort and warmth. Remember, a good shoe is nothing without a good sock. Hiking Socks The general rule is: the bigger the shoe, the thicker the sock. So with the heavier Hiking Boot you should be looking at thick walking socks. Walking socks will usually be made from a combination of synthetic material, with extra support around heels, arches and toes. This extra padding provides added support to the foot, further reducing the impact on the feet during long treks. In recent years modern technology has enabled the production of socks with moisture management features. This new technology enables the sock to draw perspiration away from the surface of the foot leaving your feet dryer therefore giving a more comfortable walking experience. Walking Socks & Gaiters Long gone are the days of old, patched socks. With some of the latest technology in sportswear being incorporated in the newer designs, hardy socks serve as the perfect accessory for the modern day adventurer. We also provide an excellent range of professional gaiters to ensure protection from inclement weather conditions. Keeping your boots and trousers dry and comfortable is an important part of the outdoor experience and our new and modern selection offers the best defense in muddy terrain.