Keeping hydrated is an important part of any exercise. Lack of water will immediately reduce your ability to perform at your optimum capabilities. When you’re out and about in the wilderness finding a fresh water source might not be as easy as walking to the nearest supermarket. Compact Water Bottles Ensuring you always have a supply of fresh water is a must for anybody looking to spend time in the outdoors and with our light and practical selection of Water Bottles & Hydration Packs you will never be more than a few seconds away from life’s essential elixir. With the symptoms of dehydration including headaches, decreased blood pressure, dizziness, fainting - along with a 30% reduction in physical performance - it is important to ensure you are always have access to liquid when you’re on the move. Hydration Packs While the primary purpose of carrying water is to drink, it should also be remembered that cooking and cleaning also require water, so try and carry as much with you as possible. Our Hydration Packs, which sit comfortably on your back, offer you the option of carrying and drinking liquid whilst running, walking or cycling. This is a necessity if you don’t have time to stop to top up your fluids.