How to Apply Dubbing to Boots or Shoes


Python BootDubbing wax or dubbin is designed to maximise water repellency, offer protection from dirt and stains and keep leather supple. Not sure how to apply dubbing to your leather boots or shoes for the best result? Here’s how.

1. Ensure that your leather boots or shoes are clean before applying dubbin.

2. While heat will help the wax penetrate the leather easier, it is important not to apply direct heat to your boot as this can cause the leather to dry out and split.  A hair drier can be used to heat up your shoes or boots until warm – do not overheat & NEVER leave your shoes near a radiator or open fire to heat. If the wax is too hard to rub in, this can be warmed up in the same way.

3. Apply a small amount of dubbin to a cloth and rub evenly over leather. Dubbing wax will leave a slightly oily film on leather (important for repelling water and dirt) and as such should be applied sparingly.  Do not apply dubbing wax to suede or nubuck leather footwear.

4. Repeat as many times as necessary, ensuring wax is spread evenly and sparingly each time.

5. Leave for 30 – 60mins.

6. Buff off with a dry cloth.

7. Polish can be applied if required.



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