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8 Romantic Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day Outdoors

24.01.2019 | Winter Wonders

If you’re not a fan of a chocolate-covered cliché on Valentine’s Day, then why not try something different this year? Taking a trip outdoors will add an element of excitement to the day, and who knows, you might fall in love with something else….a new hobby!


Here are our top picks for an alternative Valentine’s Day:

Take a long bike ride somewhere new

Whether you live along the coast, can grab a Boris bike around London, or can tackle all gears on rocky terrain, a bike ride is a fantastic way to clear your head whilst enjoying the ride. Why not dust off that saddle and take yourself on a route that you’ve never been on before? It’s not too late for a New Year’s resolution…


Indulge in a last-minute ski trip

Throw caution to the wind and book a last-minute ski trip for this coming weekend. Whether you’re going solo or are bringing a loved one, an impulse moment, few days in the mountains and some après ski is the perfect recipe for romance.


Escape to a campsite

Take it back to basics and find a secluded spot to pitch a tent outdoors. As well as the adrenaline from running away with a loved one, you can make a campfire, drink copious amounts of hot chocolate and take in the peaceful setting. Disclaimer: you may never want to leave!


Go on a peaceful hike

Make your way down to your local nature centre or park for a hike-for-two in the woods. Revel in the tranquillity of the outdoors and savour the scenery. Add another ounce of romance to the mix by going for a walk just before sunset and grab those last few moments of daytime with your loved one.


Star gaze at twilight

The beauty and majesty of the night sky is a sure-fire way to create an amorous atmosphere. Spend the night chatting away, or even try identifying the various constellations with your partner. Don’t forget the blankets and a bottle of bubbly.


Stroll along the shore with your furry friend

There is no better way to spend Valentine’s Day than with your most loyal companion. Invite your canine pal on a scenic stroll along the nearest coastline and treat yourselves to a cup of tea and (dog) biscuits afterwards. Capture the moment with a perfectly poised photo, and don’t forget to tag @mountainwarehouse on Instagram for a chance for you and your dog to be featured!


Brave the cold for a winter picnic

Eating al fresco is a must for adding a little excitement to mealtimes with your loved one. Add a little creativity to the day by putting together a winter picnic filled with your favourite comfort foods and a warm flask of tea. Remember to pick somewhere sheltered in case the weather is against you and bring a cushion and blanket.


Challenge yourself to a digital detox

Face your offline fears and try a digital detox for the day. Ditch social media for 24 hours and instead arrange to see your loved ones in person. Why not invite your best friend round for a coffee, take a parent out for a walk, or treat your significant other to a meal without checking your phone?