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How to keep your dog cool in a heat wave

How to keep your dog cool in a heat wave

26.07.2018 | Pets

As we are enjoying BBQ’s and summer parties, our furry friends may be getting hot under the collar.

While the heat is showing no sign of stopping, it is important to take special care of your pets this summer. With just a few easy steps you can ensure they stay calm and cool during the heat wave.


1. Keep their paws cool
After a long day of sun, tarmac and pavements can become extremely hot. If possible try to take your dog on a walk early morning or late evening when the paths have cooled down or try to stick to green spaces if possible.

2. Minimise exercise
Just like you, your pup will be extra tired in the heat. We’re sure your pooch wouldn’t be happy if walks stopped completely but try to avoid strenuous or midday walks.

3. Water
Always ensure your pup has access to water, double check their water bowl is filled before leaving them for the day. If you are heading out together for the day, don’t get caught short, try our fold away dog bowl.
This silicone water bowl folds compactly into itself and can be easily taken on any walk or trip. The karabiner allows it to be clipped on to a back pack or bicycle.

4.Paddling pool

If you have a garden with room for a small paddling pool, why not set it up for the heat wave. Your dog can either use it to drink from or sit in it to cool down. If you have children, we are sure the paddling pool will go down well!

5. Keep pets inside if you can

If this isn’t possible ensure there is a shady area they can settle in. If you feel like you want to be out of the sun, your furry coated pal probably feels the same.

6. Know the signs of heat stroke in dogs

Heat stroke symptoms are similar to that in humans, if you need help identifying these check out the RSPCA website. If you have any concerns make sure you call your vet.

7.Clip their coats

If you have a long haired pup, why not treat them to a trip to the doggy salon. It may be sad to lose their luscious locks but this is one way to keep your pup cool during the heat wave.

8. Never leave your dog in a hot car

This can be fatal to your dog, so let’s all just not do it? Okay, good.