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How to entertain your children on a summer road trip

How to entertain your children on a summer road trip

09.08.2018 | Great British Summer

A summer road trip can be exhausting for parents and children alike. It can seem like an idyllic break however with the little ones in tow the journey can seem more daunting. This blog post suggests some ideas to entertain your children.

1.Play Games

Keep your children distracted and play games such as the License Plate Game. This is a great one as children can use their imagination. If you’re not familiar with the game, you simply need to come up with acronyms for licence plates and the most imaginative ideas win, eg BHM could be Blue Hippo Monster. Another tech free game includes animal spotting, you can make this into a competition which can have a small prize.

2. Take Breaks

We are sure you are aware of the importance of letting your kids out the car when they start getting restless. How about you look up picnic spots along your journey so your kids can have a run around and enjoy your journey sandwiches. Even stopping beside a field of sheep and letting your kids get out to explore can help to break up the journey.  The MW picnic blanket folds up neatly and so can be packed into the boot (just in case).

3. Encourage Naps

Hopefully your kids are worn out after all that fresh air! Bringing a pillow and blanket can comfort your children, providing you with some peace and quiet. This fun blanket/pillow is travel friendly as the blanket tucks neatly inside the pillow.  They are also attached meaning one less thing to forget.


4. Listen to Audiobooks

Audiobooks can be a great way to pass time. If your children are opposed to the idea you could introduce them by listening to their favourite films. Audiobooks can also be great for kids that get carsick when reading.


5. Pack it up

All of this can be packed up in the kids Dash 10L back pack so they can get to their toys etc from the backseat.  You can also use this bright bag for back to school after the summer holidays.