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Meet Kit Neale: The Designer Behind the Karabiner Collection

27.03.2019 | Festivals


Having just launched in the UK, our unique new collaboration with Kit Neale is most certainly something to shout about. With it’s striking prints on much-loved Mountain Warehouse pieces, the Karabiner collection is perfect for standing out from the crowd this festival season.

We talk to designer Kit Neale about everything from what inspired his bold prints to where he will be showing off his favourite piece in the collection this summer….


In a sentence, how would you describe the collection?

The Karabiner Collection combines my love of travel and sense of adventure with practical festival wear – whether you’re backpacking round Europe or pitching up your tent at Glastonbury, you’ll be able to express yourself with gear which is fun, adventurous, unique and modern.


What inspired you to partner with Mountain Warehouse?

For me, the opportunity to partner with Mountain Warehouse was obvious. I absolutely love how inclusive the brand is, and how they champion enjoying the great outdoors above all else. Before this project, I was aware of the brand and a big fan of the outdoors, so I jumped at the chance to work on their very first design collaboration, putting fun designs on practical products.


What is your design background and were you doing before working on this collaboration?

I have been actively working in the fields of fashion, printmaking, interiors and creative direction for many years and officially began working with brands in 2012. In the past, I have worked on other high-profile collaborations, for example, with Dune and IKEA.


What is the inspiration behind this limited-edition collection?

Festivals. Travel. Losing your inhibitions…

I love that festivals are such joyous occasions of celebration that make us come together and connect. I wanted to transfer the fun, dress-up, dance and play that happens when people come together to let their hair down, into the prints. This is shown in particular with the ‘Summer breeze’ print’.  My travels across Europe when I was younger inspired the ‘Bustling boundaries’ design. The vintage stamps portray travelling to festivals across the globe and living in the moment. This collection is to encourage us to celebrate and treasure these special moments.


How many pieces are there in the collection?

There are 26 different products. We’ve included the practical essentials needed, be it for a festival of your travels, from waterproof jacket and trousers, to tee shirts, a sleeping bag and a tent.


Is the range unisex?

We’ve styled the collection predominantly on men, but some of the pieces look really striking on the female models we tested on too! The Waterproof Pakka outfits, tees, and fleeces really stood out on the girls. On top of this, we have lots of unisex accessories such as the bum bags, rucksack, tent and sleeping bag to name a few.


Do you have a favourite piece from the collection?

I love the t-shirts with their Hockney-esque mountain scene and tongue-in-cheek slogans. They are festival and travel staples with a fun twist. 


Finally, what occasions will we see you wearing your favourite pieces at this summer?

I’m planning a big road trip in the summer, so festivals are off the cards this year unfortunately. I will be bringing some bits along for my travels and will likely be living in the Waterproof Pakka outfits when I am back in the UK, knowing the fickle British summer weather!


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