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How to Wash Ski Gloves

13.10.2014 | Ski How to Guides

SKi Gloves FeaturedAfter a hard week on the slopes, it’s inevitable that your ski gloves will have gotten wet and a little sweaty. Giving them a little TLC when you are home to freshen them up will ensure they are ready for the next ski trip. Just like your jacket and ski pants, your gloves will need cleaning, and if they are water resistant gloves they might also need re-proofing.

Below we explain how to wash ski gloves but always check inside for a label which may give you any particular washing instructions.

Waterproof Ski Gloves

If possible, remove the liners from your gloves. As they are directly next to your skin the liner is likely to be most affected by sweat (more on how to wash these later). Do not remove the liner of your gloves if they are not intended to be removed and do not turn your gloves inside out.

Never use laundry detergent to wash waterproof items as it will strip the fabric of its repellent capabilities. Regular detergent can also stick to the pores in the waterproof membrane and can trap water inside making the membrane less effective.

If your ski gloves have leather palms, thumbs and fingers you should not wash these in a washing machine or submerge in water (see Leather Ski Gloves for more details).

If you also need to reproof, re-proofing sprays are a fast and effective way of restoring your gloves’ water resistance. As you do not need to waterproof the inside of your glove a spray on proofer is the best option. After washing make sure that you have covered the entire outside of the item with the spray and have not missed any areas.

Below are washing instructions for how to wash ski gloves:

  1. Pour the appropriate amount of cleaner in the washing machine. You may wish to run the washing machine when empty on a warm cycle first to remove any detergent residues.
  1. Place your ski gloves in a mesh bag so they will not rip in the machine.
  1. Wash on a warm, gentle cycle (always follow the temperature recommended on the care label).
  1. Once washed, squeeze the water from the fingers down towards the wrist; do not wring your gloves as this can damage the lining.
  1. There is no definitive how to dry ski gloves method. You can place on a towel or a clothesline to finish drying. If drying on a clothesline, make sure you hang them from the fingertips so that water does not collect inside the fingers. If the care instructions allow, you can tumble dry your gloves; if you have applied re-proofer spray to your gloves heat will help activate the proofer. Alternatively, you should leave them to dry somewhere warm. You can hang your gloves near a heat source, remembering you will need even heat exposure to ensure the proofer (if used) is sealed.

You can also hand wash your ski gloves if you’d prefer. To do this fill a basin with lukewarm water and add the cleaner. Gently rub the gloves to remove any dirt or stains. You might want to keep your hand inside the glove when washing so they keep their shape.

Silk Glove Liners

Silk glove liners are the most popular type of liner as they are extremely warm and so lightweight that you barely notice them inside of your gloves.

  1. To wash the silk liners, place them in luke warm water with a gentle soap – do not wash in water that is too hot or too cold as this will stretch or shrink the gloves.
  2. Gently rub the gloves to get all the dirt out of them.
  3. Once washed, rinse with cold water and 1/4 of a cup of vinegar to remove all the soap, then rinse with cold water.
  4. Leave to dry on a towel and do not tumble dry.

Leather Ski Gloves

Like most leather items leather ski gloves need special care. Do not wash leather gloves or gloves with leather palms, thumbs and fingers in a washing machine. Below are washing instructions for your leather ski gloves:

  1. Use a damp cloth to wipe away any dirt, never submerge leather gloves in water.
  2. If possible look for a specific leather cleaner. Spray the solution onto the outside of the gloves and work into the leather. Wipe away with a clean cloth, do not rinse off. Be careful not to spray the solution on parts of the glove that are not leather.
  3. Leave to dry naturally. It is not recommended to tumble dry leather gloves or hang directly over a heat source.
  4. After the gloves have dried, apply a leather conditioner or wax with a polishing cloth to keep your gloves waterproof and prevent the leather cracking. It is worth doing this with your hand inside the glove so you do not miss areas. Do not apply to areas of the glove that are not leather.