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Step into comfort: outdoor socks buying guide

Step into comfort: outdoor socks buying guide

27.10.2023 | Outdoor Buying Guides

Socks are an essential piece of kit for anyone heading outdoors, but the type of socks you need varies depending on the adventure you have planned. Luckily, Mountain Warehouse has got you and your feet covered with options for walking, hiking, skiing and more.

To help you choose the perfect pair, we’ve compiled a handy guide, which includes key features to look out for and how to navigate our new colour-coded packaging.

1. Understanding the product categories and features

Activities and categories:

Activity/category Suitable for Packaging colour
 Walk   Casual walks  Green
 Hike  Medium distance hiking  Blue
 Extreme  Longer treks  Red
 Thermal  Casual use in cold weather conditions  Orange
 Ski  Wearing on the slopes  Dark blue

Levels of cushioning:

 Low cushion  Lightweight socks which aren’t too thick but still comfortable
 Medium cushion  The perfect inbetween: protects and supports your feet without feeling too heavy
 High cushion  High level of padding provides a thick, soft, and cosy feel
 Engineered cushion  For impact protection and extra comfort and support

 Key features:

  • Isotherm

Densely packed fibres to retain heat & warmth without adding bulk.

  • Anti-chafe

Prevents rubbing which leads to blisters on your feet.

  • Wicking

Actively wicks moisture away from your body and dries quickly.

  • Arch support

Added elastic support across the arch of the foot.

  • Naturally Antibacterial

Possesses antibacterial qualities and resists odours, ensuring your feet remain dry and fresh all day long.

  • Breathable

The fabric allows perspiration to pass out of the garment, keeping you cool, dry and comfortable.

Type of fabrics:

  • IsoCool

IsoCool fabric is quick drying, highly breathable and wicks away perspiration from the body to keep you cool.

  • Merino

Merino is a very warm high-quality wool which has natural antibacterial properties to keep your feet fresher for longer.

2. Choosing the right socks for your needs


Socks designed for everyday walks and short-day trips usually have medium cushioning, but they can also be anti-chafe and have arch support. Coming in a range of colourways, these products are suited to average weather conditions and when you’re carrying a backpack.


Look out for more technical socks that are labelled for medium-distance hikes, rambling and hill walking on varied terrain, especially in cooler weather and if you’re carrying a heavier medium-sized backpack. They’re available in mid-calf and quarter lengths and in different technical fabrics, such as merino wool and isoCool, to keep your feet cool – and your socks fresher.


When you are heading out for longer treks on rough terrain, choose socks that are a step up in terms of technicality. Our extreme range is also the best choice when wearing a large rucksack and being exposed to cold weather, as they’re made with merino wool and feature high cushioning.



Our thermal socks are suitable for walks or casual use in colder weather conditions. Equipped with Isotherm heat technology to ensure you stay warm and cos, you can choose between mid-calf and long options for length.

Women’s Thermal Long Socks


Ideal for wearing on the slopes, our ski socks made of IsoCool fabric are breathable to stop your feet getting hot and sweaty and offer a variety of high-level cushioning and support. You can also opt for our thermal ski socks that have properties for warmth, like our ‘Extreme Merino Thermal Ski Socks’, which are made of merino wool, naturally anti-bacterial and with engineered cushioning.


Now that you’re an outdoor adventure sock expert, it’s time to start shopping and step into your perfect pair!

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