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What is PrimaLoft?

11.11.2021 | Outdoor Buying Guides

As you search for a new warm coat this winter, you may be bombarded with all sorts of technology terms. Something you may come across is PrimaLoft.


What Is PrimaLoft?

PrimaLoft was originally created for the US military, as they were looking for a synthetic alternative to down insulation. Down uses duck or geese feathers to insulate a product, you can read our expert guide about down jackets. In contrast to feathers, PrimaLoft consists of ultra-fine polyester fibre which are stapled and melted together on millions of tiny touchpoints, which creates lots of small air pockets. These air pockets are heated by the body while you’re wearing it, which makes the products very lightweight and thermal efficient. It is also compressible and breathable just like down.


Fun Fact: 1g of PrimaLoft insulation fibre is more than 9.000 meter long.


PrimaLoft insulation keeps you warm, even in harsh weather situations, as it maintains 96% of its warmth in wet conditions. This is possible as the ultra-fine fibres are hydrophobic, which means they don’t take on water and moisture. You’ll also find that products using PrimaLoft insulations are very fast drying.

As well as being warm and water resistant, the material is also very easy to clean on a simple washing machine cycle and many find it less bulky than other insulated winter products. And if you need anymore of a reason to choose a PrimaLoft product, they use plastic bottles to create their insulation which would have otherwise made their way into landfill and the ocean. Our Ultra Everest Gloves contain 70% post-consumer recycled materials while the Bedrock Jacket contains 80%!


What Products Contain PrimaLoft?

You can find PrimaLoft in some Mountain Warehouse ski accessories and clothes, like the Ultra Everest Ski Gloves. It is also available as part of everyday wear like the Bolt Quilted Jacket and the Bedrock Quilted Jacket

Ultra Everest Ski Gloves


Bedrock Quilted Jacket



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