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Ski Jacket Buying Guide: Choosing The Best Ski Jacket For You

12.12.2021 | Ski Buying Guides

Choosing the best ski jacket for you is an important decision. A ski jacket will keep you warm, dry and comfortable on the slopes, so picking the right one is vital for your enjoyment of your time skiing or snowboarding. 


1. Types of Ski Jacket
2. Ski Jacket Waterproof Ratings
3. Ski Jacket Breathability Ratings
4. Important Ski Jacket Features

1. Types of Ski Jacket


Insulated Ski Jackets

The majority of ski jackets you’ll find will be insulated. The level of insulation will be different per jacket and you’ll also find a wide variety of different features.


Synthetic Insulation Ski Jackets

Most Mountain Warehouse skiwear is designed with synthetic polyester insulation. This material offers a balance of warmth and breathability. Synthetic insulation is made up of polyester spun into filaments to create air pockets between the fibres. Synthetic insulation will outperform down in wet conditions.


Down Ski Jackets

Although down jackets are lightweight and very warm, they aren’t ideal for skiing. This is because they will lose their insulating properties when wet which means you could become very cold should you fall. It’s also important to remember that the movement involved in skiing means you will heat up naturally, so a very warm down jacket won’t be necessary. However, down jackets are ideal for walking around the village or when you want something lighter for après-ski.


2. Ski Jacket Waterproof Ratings

Ski jackets are made with either waterproof or water resistant (snowproof) fabric.


Water Resistant

Water resistant jackets  will be treated with a coating that resists water and therefore gives improved durability in wet conditions. This means that rain will run off the fabric rather than being absorbed, making it water resistant.



For any item to be classed as waterproof it needs to have a hydrostatic head rating of at least 1500mm. The hydrostatic head test denotes the waterproof level of a fabric coating. The fabric is pulled tight under a sealed tube of water, which is then observed over a period of time to ascertain how many millimetres of water the fabric can withstand before it seeps through.


For a garment to be waterproof, it will be made from a material that has been treated with a durable water repellence (DWR) coating, have taped seams and also have a membrane applied to the inner surface of the fabric. DWR  is a treatment which allows the fabric to dry quickly and repel water.

Without taped seams water can leak through the stitching. Thermoplastic tape is applied under heat and pressure over the seams preventing water from entering, making it water tight. Jackets will have fully taped seams (all seams covered) or critically taped seams (only seams susceptible to water exposure). Mountain Warehouse jackets are all fully taped.


The table below shows the ski jacket waterproof ratings, the resistance to snow/ water and a jacket you can find with these ratings.

Ratings Resistance Mountain Warehouse Jacket Examples
2000 mm Keeps you dry in light to moderate rain

Shadow Ski Jacket (Mens)

3000 mm Keeps you dry in moderate rain

Intersteller Ski Jacket (Mens)

Comet Ski Jacket (Mens)




Keeps you dry in moderately heavy rain

Snow Textured Ski Jacket (Womens)

Blizzard Textured Ski Jacket (Womens)

 10,000mm Keeps you dry in heavy rain

Meteor Extreme Ski Jacket (Mens)

Resort Extreme Ski Jacket (Womens)

3. Ski Jacket Breathability Ratings


How breathable a ski jacket is affects how comfortable you will be while skiing. While you may think you’ll be too cold to sweat on the slopes because of the cold temperatures, doing any kind of physical activity, including skiing, can make you sweat. Breathable garments allow minuscule molecules of perspiration to escape from the inside while stopping water (like snow) from the outside sinking in. Thus, making you feel less hot and clammy inside your gear.  Moisture vapor transfer is measured in grams and is related to how much vapor can pass through the fabric in a 24 hour period. The higher the number, the more breathable your item will be


Breathability Rating Mountain Warehouse Jacket Examples:
1500 Wipeout Recycled Ski Jacket

Aerial Padded Ski Jacket


Resort Extreme Ski Jacket


4. Important Ski Jacket Features


When choosing your Ski Jacket, look out for those little features which can enhance your enjoyment, comfort or safety on the slopes. Below are some of the features available in Mountain Warehouse Ski Jackets.


Adjustable Hood

Adjustable hoods will allow you to ensure your hood fits perfectly.


Multiple Pockets

A jacket with lots of pockets will allow you to carry everything you need for a day on the slopes.


Fixed Snow Skirt

A Snow Skirt is a material panel that secures around the hips and prevents snow from getting in underneath your jacket.

Bright Yellow

Shadow Men’s Ski Jacket



Dawn Women’s Ski Jacket


These Ski Jackets include the above features

Underarm Venting

Mesh lined venting allows for adjustable temperature control and ventilation


Wrist Gaiters

Wrist Gaiters keep snow from entering through the sleeves and allow for a comfortable fit with your ski gloves.


Audio Pocket

This internal pocket can store your music device or phone keeping it protected from the wet and cold. The adjoining MP3 channel lets you feed your headphones through so you can listen to your music whilst on the ski lift or around the resort.


Goggle Pocket

Perfect for keeping your goggles safe when you’re not skiing.

Interstellar Men’s Ski Jacket


Wipeout Recycled Ski Jacket


These Ski Jackets include all of the above features

Stretch Fabrics

Help to allow maximum mobility and freedom of movement.


Recco Rescue Reflectors

The RECCO® system is an advanced rescue technology that helps rescuers search for and pinpoint skiers and snowboarders should they get caught in an avalanche. These reflectors are added to the inside or outside of jackets.


10,000mm Waterproof Rating

Jackets with a 10,000mm rating are the most waterproof Mountain Warehouse ski jackets, helping to ensure you stay dry on the slopes.

Meteor Men’s Ski Jacket


Resort Extreme Women’s Ski Jacket


These Ski Jackets include all of the above features

A Ski jacket is one of the most important pieces of your ski outfit so it’s vital you get it right. Choosing the best ski jacket for you will involve taking into account the type of skiing you want to do, your skill level, your style preferences and all the other important considerations above.

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