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Ski FAQs


  1. What does snowproof mean?
  2. What is the difference between snowproof and waterproof?
  3. How do I wash ski wear?
  4. Why are waterproofs used in skiing?
  5. What is RECCO?
  6. Should I wear a rucksack skiing?
  7. What should I pack for skiing?
  8. What are ice grips for shoes?
  9. What factor sun cream for skiing?
  10. What shoes to wear in the snow?
  11. How to walk distance over deep snow?

Ski Jackets

  1. What are ski jackets made of?
  2. How warm are ski jackets?
  3. What is a detachable snow skirt?
  4. Is it ok to wear a ski jacket in the UK?
  5. Are ski jackets waterproof?
  6. What are soft shell ski jackets?
  7. How heavy are ski jackets?
  8. What size ski jacket?
  9. What is the difference between a ski and snowboard jacket?

Ski Pants

  1. What are salopettes?
  2. Why wear salopettes when skiing?
  3. Are salopettes the same as ski trousers?
  4. Are ski trousers waterproof?
  5. Can I wear ski salopettes for snowboarding?
  6. How long should salopettes be?
  7. What do you wear under ski salopettes?
  8. Is it ok to wear jeans skiing?
  9. What are ski bibs?
  10. Why do I sweat in ski salopettes?


  1. What is base layer clothing?
  2. How do base layers work?
  3. How do you layer clothes for skiing?
  4. Do baselayers work?
  5. Do base layers keep you warm?
  6. What makes a good thermal base layer?
  7. Should thermal base layers be skin tight?
  8. How do base layer leggings work?
  9. What is the difference between a base layer and thermal top?
  10. What is the difference between a base layer and a skin?
  11. What is IsoTherm?
  12. What are ski skins?
  13. Can I wear viscose as a base layer?
  14. Why can’t I wear cotton as a base layer?
  15. What makes merino wool an effective winter base layer?
  16. What is a bamboo base layer?
  17. Bamboo clothing, is it any good?

Ski Googles

  1. Do I need ski goggles?
  2. Can I wear ski goggles with glasses?
  3. How to stop ski goggles fogging up
  4. What are ski goggles made of?

Ski Helmets

  1. Why do I need a ski helmet?
  2. Should I buy or rent a ski helmet?
  3. How much protection do ski helmets really provide?
  4. When should I replace my ski helmet?
  5. How do I wear a ski helmet with my goggles?
  6. Can I wear a hat with my ski helmet?
  7. Do I need to wear a hat under ski helmet?
  8. How long do ski helmets last?

Ski Gloves

  1. What ski gloves do I need?
  2. Gloves vs Mittens- which is warmer?
  3. What are the warmest ski gloves?
  4. What are heated ski gloves?
  5. What do vents on ski gloves do?


  1. What are snow boots?
  2. Do I need snow boots?
  3. Can you wear snow boots in the rain?
  4. Can I go hiking in snow boots?
  5. What are apr├Ęs ski boots?
  6. Are snow boots waterproof?
  7. What are snow boots made of?
  8. What are the best snow boots?
  9. Are snow boots ok to walk in without snow?
  10. Which snow boots are the warmest?
  11. Can snow boots be used for skiing?
  12. Can snow boots be washed?
  13. Can I wear hiking boots to ski?

Ski Socks

  1. What are ski tube socks?
  2. What are ski socks?
  3. What are ski socks made of?
  4. Do I need ski socks?
  5. How do you use ski tube socks?