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What Is RECCO® technology?

19.01.2022 | Outdoor Clothing


RECCO® technology consists of a reflector found in outdoor clothing that makes you searchable to mountain rescue teams in case of an emergency, like an avalanche or in a missing person situation. The technology consists of a reflector and a detector, you will have the reflector on you while the rescue teams will have the detector.

The detector sends out radar signals, once the reflector is hit by those signals, they bounce back to the rescue teams who now have an accurate location of the reflector. Over 900 mountain rescue teams and ski resorts across the world use RECCO® technology to find people in trouble, so picking outerwear that contains RECCO® reflectors can keep your piece of mind when out exploring the outdoors or on the slopes.



Products containing RECCO® reflectors

Mountain Warehouse use RECCO® reflectors in many of our bestselling ski jackets and pants. These include: the Galactic Extreme Mens Ski Jacket, Swiss Womens Ski Jacket and Avalanche Womens Ski Pants.


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You can also find RECCO® reflectors in the Infinite Extreme Mens Ski Jacket, Meteor Extreme Mens Ski Jacket and Orbit Mens Ski Pants.


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All imagery courtesy of RECCO® AB.