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Festival Camping Checklist

Festival Camping Checklist

09.05.2024 | Camping Hints & Tips

Festival camping can be a hugely enjoyable experience, if you get the right equipment! Check out our festival survival checklist to ensure you get all the essentials you need and make your experience as fun and stress free as possible.

Camping Essentials

1. Tent

A tent is probably the most essential festival item. It will give you a place to rest and shelter should the weather turn nasty. Getting the right tent is crucial but luckily, Mountain Warehouse have a great selection of styles and designs so whatever your needs, you’re sure to find a tent to suit.

Festival Fun 4 Man Tent

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2. Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bags are available in a variety of temperature ratings so you can choose a bag which suits the conditions you’ll face.

Check Flannel Sleeping Bag

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3. Roll Mat

Even in summer, the ground will get cold at night so it’s important to insulate yourself with a roll mat. For some extra comfort, take a self-inflating mat or air bed.

Roll Mat

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4. Camping Lights

Find your way around your tent at night with our selection of camping lights.

COB Triangle Camping Lantern

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5. Travel Pillow

You might not have much time for sleep at festivals, so it’s important the sleep you do have is good quality. A travel pillow will allow you to stay comfortable and will take up less valuable space in your pack than a regular pillow.

Travel Pillow

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Clothing Essentials

1. Waterproof Jacket

Everyone knows how unpredictable the Great British weather can be so a waterproof jacket is essential for any festival. Pack away jackets can be stored in a small bag when not in use, making them the ideal festival jacket.

Pakka II Womens Waterproof Jacket

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2. Sunglasses

Protect your eyes from the sun on those long summer days with a pair of sunglasses.

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4. Wellies

Everyone knows how muddy festival fields can become after rain so wellies are essential if you want your feet to stay dry. We have a great range of wellies in a variety of styles  & designs.

Splash Printed Womens Wide Calf Wellies

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5. Cap/Hat

Remember to protect your head through the long summer days with a cap.

Washed Mens Baseball Cap

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1. Travel Towel

You’ll need to carry everything you want to take to the festival so space in your bag will be limited. Travel Towels will take up less space than a regular towel but are lightweight, fast drying and highly absorbent.

Giant Ribbed Towel - 150 x 85cm

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2. Foldable Toothbrush

A foldable toothbrush is an essential item!

Foldable Toothbrush - 2 Pack

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3. Toilet Paper

Toilet roll will always run out at festivals so pack your own to ensure you’re prepared!

4. Suncream

Standing outside in the sun all day means a high risk of sunburn. Don’t forget to take plenty of suncream and apply throughout the day.


Other Festival Essentials

1. Backpack

It’s likely you’ll have a long walk to get to the festival campsite so you’ll need a backpack to carry all your equipment. We have a fantastic selection of backpacks so you can find the size to suit you.


Carrion 65L Rucksack

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2. Portable Charger

Charging points at festivals will be few and far between and can often get very busy. A portable charger will allow you to keep your phone charged and ready for all those festival photos!

3. Ear Plugs

Festivals will be loud, even after the last acts have played. Ear plugs will help block out this noise so you can get a good night’s sleep.

Travel Ear Plugs

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4. Reusable Bottle

At a festival you’ll be spending lots of time outside in warm weather so drinking plenty of water is important. A reusable bottle will allow you to keep filling up so you can stay hydrated throughout the day.

1L Metallic Water Bottle With Karabiner

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5. Cash

There will often be long queues at festival cash machines, so remember to take cash for food & drink.

6. Tickets

The last and most important festival essential, remember to take your tickets!

7. Insect repellent

Invest in a good effective insect repellent to avoid any bites or insect-borne diseases. To double the protection, you can get anti-mosquito clothing and accessories.

8. Coolbag

Warm drinks are a part of the festival camping experience, but it doesn’t have to be, as coolbags are an easy way to keep your beverages cool.

25L Coolbag - Patterned - Pale Green

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Types of Tent

There are lots of different types of tent to choose from, picking the right one for you will help make your experience as comfortable as possible. Pop Up Tents are pitched in seconds and can be packed away into an easy carry bag. They are ideal for those who don’t want to spend time setting up their camp. We also have a fantastic range of great value, compact and easy pitch festival tents, these are similar to 2 man tents but may be slightly smaller.

Larger, family tents are perfect for those attending family festivals but are also ideal for people looking for a little extra comfort and space. If you are considering a family tent remember to check how far the campsite is from the car park as these will be heavier.

Types of Sleeping Bag

Make sure you choose a sleeping bag which matches the weather you’re going to experience and how much you feel the cold! 1 season or summer sleeping bags are ideal for summer months when temperatures are higher. 3 season or winter sleeping bags are ideal for use in colder months or for those who feel the cold. The ground will be cold at festivals so it’ a good idea to take something to go under your sleeping bag. You have a variety of options of roll mat or blow up mattress depending on how much you are able to carry and the level of comfort you need.