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5 simple ways to stay warm this winter

5 simple ways to stay warm this winter

16.11.2023 | Winter Time

If you are unsure on how to stay warm without having the heating on, check out our guide below with five simple ways that will help you feel cosy this winter.

1. Layer up

The most effective way to protect yourself from the cold is to wear multiple layers which can be added or removed depending on the conditions.

Consisting of thermal base layers, mid-layers and outer layers, the “layering system” is essentially a way of layering clothes together to ensure you are comfortable during outdoor pursuits, however, the concept can also be used when staying indoor. Layering often only refers to tops and jackets, but you can layer leggings and trousers in the same way. Read our ‘The layering system’ blog to know more on how to make layers work for you.

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2. Protect your feet

Sounds like something your grandmother would say but keeping your feet warm by wearing thick socks and slippers is also important for staying healthy.

By warming up your feet, you send the heat to other parts of the body and support protect your immune system. Putting your feet up also helps, as it’s colder closer to the ground.

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3. Throw on blankets

Blankets are great during cold months and you can now find many different blanket styles to choose from – there’s electric, heated, weighted or even a hoodie like our Snug Borg Lined Hoodie Blanket to help you feel comfortable and warm at home (or outside, why not?).

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4. Stay active

Moving around either outside or inside can help boost your circulation, and exercises generate body heat. There are plenty of sports you can still take on during winter with the help of insulated and reflective gear, such as running, cycling, hiking or rock climbing. When staying at home, you can set up reminders to stand up and go for quick walks to avoid sitting still for too long.

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5. Drink and eat well

It’s no news that eating and drinking have a big impact in how we feel during winter. Not only because consuming hot drinks and food can help keep us warm but maintaining a healthy diet also boosts our immune systems.

According to the Eatwell Guide, everyone should aim to drink about 6 to 8 cups or glasses of fluid a day. Taking a water bottle can help you remember to stay hydrated, whilst having a flask is useful to keep soups and other foods hot on the go.

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Now that you are ready to put your energy into staying warm, let the countdown to Christmas begin!