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Camping FAQs


  1. Are tents waterproof?
  2. Do I need to waterproof my tent?
  3. Why is there water on the inside of my tent?
  4. How do I prevent condensation inside my tent?

Sleeping Bags

  1. What sleeping bags are best?
  2. What is a 3 season sleeping bag?
  3. What is a 2 season sleeping bag?
  4. Is a two season sleeping bag good for winter?
  5. What is a bivvy bag?
  6. What’s the difference between a mummy and a square sleeping bag?
  7. Down vs Synthetic. Which is better?
  8. Are sleeping bags suitable for children?
  9. Are sleeping bags suitable for babies?
  10. Do all sleeping bags have zips?

Sleeping Bag Liners

  1. What is a mummy sleeping bag liner?
  2. Why use a sleeping bag liner?

Sleeping Mats & Airbeds

  1. Do I need a sleeping mat and an airbed?
  2. Do I need a camping mat?
  3. What is a roll mat?
  4. What is the maximum weight a camp bed can hold?
  5. Should I take a pillow camping?
  6. What’s a camp bed?
  7. How do I deflate an air bed?


  1. What size backpack do I need for camping?
  2. What size rucksack do I need for a weekend camping?


  1. What size rucksack do I need for a festival?

Cooking Equipment

  1. What is a mess tin?
  2. Do I need special pots and pans for camping?

Camping Stoves

  1. What camping stove is best?
  2. How to camping case stoves work?
  3. What can I cook on a gas burner/grill?
  4. How hot will my gas burner/grill get?
  5. What gas is used for camping stoves?
  6. How long should gas cartridge last?
  7. Can I use my gas burner/cooker inside?
  8. Why can’t I use my camping stove in my tent?


  1. What is the maximum weight my picnic chair can hold?
  2. Is my picnic mat waterproof?


  1. How bright is a single LED torch?