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How to Choose the Best Dog Walking Gear

How to Choose the Best Dog Walking Gear

31.03.2014 | Outdoor Buying Guides

Every responsible dog owner knows that your dog both needs and enjoys regular exercise. Come rain or shine, your four-legged chum is always ready for walkies, and even when the last thing you feel like doing is taking your dog for a walk in the rain, their mournful puppy dog eyes and expectant wagging tail can be hard to refuse.

But while your dog’s fur coat is great for protecting them from cold and wet weather, we humans need a little extra insulation to brave the elements.  The clothes you choose can impact on both you and your pet’s enjoyment, so here are our recommendations for choosing the appropriate dog walking gear so that you can both enjoy your walks together:


How to Choose a Dog Walking Coat

The right outerwear is essential for keeping you warm and comfortable on those bitter mornings and chilly evenings.

We don’t have it as easy as our four legged friends who have their very own insulating coat, but we can certainly emulate that! A padded down jacket is a stellar choice for taking the pup out in as they offer unbeatable natural insulation so you’ll be toasty even on the coldest mornings. Look out for waterproof options (with taped seams and waterproof zips) to keep you and your belongings dry should you get caught in a shower mid-walk. Jackets made from ripstop material are also great if your dog’s a playful puppy!


Womens Pakka Waterproof Jacket



Of course you won’t need quite the same level of insulation for summer days; a waterproof shell would be a smart choice when it’s that bit warmer. A packaway jacket, such as our Pakka waterproof jacket, is perfect for a scenario like this. With its own packaway bag it’s compact enough to keep in your bag in case the heavens open.

Best Fleeces for Dog Walking

We all hate it when it’s not quite hot enough to leave the house without a jacket, but you know half an hour later you’ll be lugging it around over your arm. A fleece is the perfect choice for mild weather, doing all the work a jacket would do without the weight and bulk. Windproof styles are great for walks in windy open spaces.


Best Trousers for Dog Walking

A pair of waterproof trousers is a wise choice for walking the dog, especially if your pal loves muddy puddles! Waterproof overtrousers are handy to slip into them if the clouds darken as these can be folded compactly and stashed in your backpack for emergencies. Look for handy half zip on the legs which make sliding them on over your boots and jeans quick and easy.


Dog Walking Wellies and Boots

When walking your dog, chances are you’re going to be hitting the open green spaces, so the main features to look for in your footwear are ankle support (because dogs are all-terrain animals), waterproofing and traction.


Best Accessories for Dog Walking

Don’t fancy carrying around dog treats and water bottles in your pockets? A small rucksack is ideal for all your essentials; the Mini Trek 6 Litre Rucksack is a great choice. Tiny but tough, the Trek is designed in ripstop material meaning even if your dog gets a bit too eager for his treats your bag will hold up thanks to the fabric composition. It has elasticated chord on the front to hold helmets or other lighter objects, and two side bottle holders. It’s also MP3 compatible because as much as we love our dogs, they’re not the best conversationalists!


So there it is, your guide to the best dog walking clothes and accessories. Great for keeping you warm and comfortable and your dog happy when you go out to stretch your legs together.