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How to Fold a Pop Up Beach Tent

14.06.2015 | Camping How to Guides

Pop Up beach tents do exactly what their name states: they ‘pop up’, which makes them easy and quick to assemble. They’re compact, lightweight and ideal for beach use, giving you shelter from wind and a place to relax out of direct sunlight. However, while the beach pop up tents are a doddle to put up, there’s a knack to putting them back down again. Here’s an easy step by step guide showing how to fold a pop up beach tent. 


Folding up a Pop Up Beach Tent – Three Key Shapes to Make

Step one: Oval

Have the tent opening facing you and grab the sides of the entrance.

Fold the left side down to the ground, then do the same for the right side, bringing it down on top, then hold them together and your tent should make an oval shape.


Step two: Figure of eight

Put the tent on its side, then apply pressure to the middle so that it makes the tent into a figure of eight. Once in this shape keep your weight in the middle of the tent so it doesn’t move about.


Step three: Circle

Grab one end of your figure of eight and fold it over (the poles are very flexible, so don’t worry about it breaking), forming a circle. Hold it in place and pull the elastic band around to hold the tent together, making sure the tent is in a perfect circle (if any poles are sticking out around the edges, simply tuck them in, as this will make it easier to put in the bag).


Step four

Simply place in the bag, zip up and head to your next destination!


With these steps you’ll hopefully be able to fold up your pop up beach tent in no time. If you have a different pop up tent and this method isn’t working for you, please have a look at how to fold up a pop up tent.