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What is Geocaching?

What is Geocaching?

31.03.2015 | Geocaching

Geocaching is the world’s largest treasure hunt! A Geocache is a container or similar containing a logbook and a few small trinkets which has been hidden in an interesting place. The locations of these caches are available online and on the mobile app for Geocachers across the world to find. This guide will show you how to Geocache so you can get involved and start your own geocaching adventure!


1. Download the Geocaching App

The easiest way to hunt for Geocaches is through your Android or Iphone smartphone. Download the app and set up a free account on the official Geocaching website.

2. Find a Geocache Near you

Use the Geocache Website or the Geocache app to find caches nearby. If using a smartphone, allow the app to find your current location and nearby caches should appear automatically. If you want to search for a specific location, type the postcode in the search bar. Make sure you check the level of difficulty when choosing a cache, if you’re a beginner it may be best to choose an easier trail first and gradually build on difficulty.

3. Locate The Cache

As you would with a map, use the location marker to navigate your way to the cache you’ve selected. Once you reach the GPS location the cache may not immediately be visible. Geocaches will often be hidden in order to prevent passers-by not involved in Geocaching discovering them.

4. Open The Cache

The cache will contain a variety of trinkets and a log book. Take a look through the items in the cache and see if there is anything you would like to take with you. Remember, when taking an item replace it with another item of equal or greater value.

5. Sign The Logbook

Make a note of the date, your name and anything else you’d like to say to fellow Geocachers in the logbook.

6. Put The Cache Back

Put the cache back exactly where you found it, making sure it is hidden. This will make it easier for other Geocachers to find the cache and ensure non-geocachers don’t stumble upon it!   Think you’re ready for Geocaching? Take a look at our Geocaching kit list to get all the gear you need to start your own Geocaching journey.