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Geocaching Kit List

Geocaching Kit List

27.02.2015 | Geocaching

If you’re geocaching for the first time it’s important to have the right supplies. This guide will show you how to create your own geocaching kit list so you can be sure you’re ready to hunt for any type of cache in any conditions.


Mobile Phone
Download the Geocaching app to gain access to the locations of caches across the world. Then, use the GPS on your smartphone to navigate towards them.


Network access
It is important to remain connected to download caches locations, gain access to further cache information and to log your find online.


Waterproof Pouch
If you’re hunting for geocaches in wet weather a waterproof pouch will allow you to keep your smartphone and any other valuables dry.


Pen/Pencil and Notepad
Although some caches will include a pen, carrying your own will ensure you’re always able to sign the logbook.


These are small items you can trade within geocaches. If you take a geoswag item from a cache, you must replace it with an item of equal or greater value. Low value items such as key rings, small toys, stationery and other small trinkets are popular choices. Think of something that you’d like to find and make sure it’s family friendly!



Don’t let a bit of rain deter you, take a pair of waterproof trousers and a waterproof jacket to keep you dry.


Sensible Footwear
Flimsy sandals and shoes just won’t cut it if you are hunting for caches in woodland or hilly areas. You never know where geocaching will take you so always wear sturdy shoes such as walking boots or walking shoes which are designed for walking in tough terrains


A daypack will allow you to carry some food and the rest of your geocaching kit.


Spare Logbook
Logbooks may fill up so take spares to add to caches which are full.


First Aid Kit
A first aid kit will allow you to be prepared should you injure yourself whilst Geocaching.


For use in emergency situations. In the unlikely event that this is needed, use it to attract attention from passers-by.


Map and Compass
This is vital if you want to hunt for geocaches the old-fashioned way. A map and compass will also act as a backup for navigation should your electrical equipment fail.


Drink and Snacks
Whether you are plan to be out for an hour or a whole day staying hydrated and maintaining energy levels is important. Make sure you take enough water and food to keep you going.


Walking Pole
A walking pole will help reduce energy expelled when walking up and down hills and help steady you on uneven or muddy ground.


Always take a torch whether you plan to be out for the day or not. Some caches can take longer than you think to find and you don’t want to be caught out in the dark. A torch is also ideal for looking into dark holes or spaces.