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6 Reasons To Buy Organic Cotton

6 Reasons To Buy Organic Cotton

29.03.2021 | FAQs

What is Organic Cotton?


Organic cotton is cotton grown naturally, with a low negative impact on the environment. Organic cotton uses less water, is not grown using genetically modified seeds, and doesn’t use man-made pesticides. This means organic cotton is produced using natural processes that do not harm the soil, atmosphere, and biodiversity nearby. To call clothing ‘organic’ a company must meet strict international fabric standards.



Why should I buy Organic Cotton?


  1. It saves water

Because cotton is mostly grown in hot, dry areas, large amounts of fresh water are needed for the crops. As organic cotton farmers create and sustain healthy soil by not using pesticides, harnessing rainwater, reducing water wastage and by rotating crops, they use over 90% less water.

  1. It helps combat climate change

Traditional cotton farming may use fossil-fuel based fertilisers to grow their crops, by using natural methods such as crop rotation to help control pests and minimise diseases, organic cotton can emit much less greenhouse gas than non-organic cotton.

  1. It helps protects wildlife

Man-made pesticides that are used in traditional crop growing can potentially harm the environment and waterways when they are washed away, this can affect drinking water for both humans and the surrounding wildlife. Organic cotton does not use pesticides, so the risk to animals living in these areas decreases.

  1. It is soft and durable

Organic cotton is usually softer but still as durable, if not more, than non-organic cotton. This is because pesticides can affect the normal cotton fibres and cause them to break down resulting in clothing that does not last as long.

  1. It helps farmers from around the world put food on their table

Because of the need for crop rotation, organic farmers grow other crops as well as cotton. Usually this will be a food crop, meaning their families and the local community have a greater supply of food and an additional source of income.

  1. It is kind to your skin

Organic cotton products contain dyes and finishes that are approved for organic use, this means it is harmless to the environment and us and is also kinder to your skin. This can be important if you have sensitive skin or when dressing a baby as their skin is a lot thinner than an adult’s and can become irritated more easily.


Where can I buy Organic Cotton?


We have embarked on a journey to make our products more sustainable and with a reduced impact on the environment. We have increased the use of responsibly sourced materials, including organic cotton originating from 100% certified sources, across our clothing ranges for men, women and kids. To read more about our sustainable journey, see here.


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