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20.04.2022 | Outdoor Buying Guides

Who are REPREVE® and what is REPREVE® Our Ocean™?


REPREVE® is made by Unifi, Inc., the global leader in branded recycled performance fibres, The company uses plastic waste and bottles to create polyester that is made into all sorts of products. So far, REPREVE® has recycled more than 30 billion plastic bottles in total as a business!


Compared to virgin polyester, REPREVE® reduces…

Energy consumption by 44%​

Water consumption by nearly 16%​

Greenhouse gas emissions by over 29%


REPREVE® Our Ocean™ fibre and resin is specifically sourced from plastic bottles at a high risk of entering the ocean. This not only helps stop waste ending up in our seas but emits fewer greenhouse gases and conserves water and energy in the process, making a big difference to our future.


How is fabric made from plastic bottles?


To create the fibres REPREVE® starts by collecting plastic bottles and post-industrial waste worldwide. For REPREVE® Our Ocean™ fibres, plastic bottles are found within 50km of waterways or coastal regions in countries or areas that lack formal waste or recycling systems. They then chop, grind, wash, melt and reformulate the plastic waste into high-quality REPREVE® chips. The chips are then melted once more into liquid polymer and pushed through tiny openings in a spinneret (this is usually a metal plate containing holes) creating continuous threads that form REPREVE® fibre. The yarn is then processed by spinning and texturing, which makes the yarn resemble natural fibres. This is then made into fabrics as per the normal fabric making process.



Mountain Warehouse and REPREVE® Our Ocean™


This April we are releasing a brand-new collection in collaboration with British explorer Steve Backshall. The range is called the ‘Changing Tides’ collection and is made from fabric using REPREVE® Our Ocean™ fibres. The 71 piece collection across menswear, womenswear and children’s clothing features fascinating prints inspired by the world’s most incredible sea creatures. This includes: whale sharks, blue ringed octopuses’ and humpback whales.



Like us, Steve is passionate about the ocean and protecting sea creatures – he was even named the ‘Clearer Oceans Ambassador’ in 2021! That’s why we chose to work with REPREVE® Our Ocean™ for this collection, in turn preventing 766,291 plastic bottles from entering our oceans.


Shop the Steve Backshall Collection 

Animal and REPREVE®


This summer, Animal are very proud to announce that many of their summer swimwear pieces are made with REPREVE® Our Ocean™ fibres. As part of Animal’s continued evolution, they’re on a mission to be kinder to the planet. So, as well as using REPREVE® Our Ocean™ fibres, the majority of their products are also made using organic cotton or recycled materials.

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Read more about REPREVE® here. REPREVE® and REPREVE® Our Ocean™ are trademarks of Unifi, Inc.