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What Is IsoGrip?

What Is IsoGrip?

23.02.2023 | Outdoor Clothing


IsoGrip is a type of shoe outsole developed by Mountain Warehouse. It is long lasting, robust and provides stability and grip on difficult terrain. It was created specifically with hiking in mind and is designed to withstand walking 5000 miles.

The soles are tested to ensure they reach our high standards, resulting in a product that is more durable, stable and has better traction than other outsoles on the market – all while being competitively priced.


What Products Contain IsoGrip?

Products like the Aspect Extreme Womens Walking Boots and the Aspect Extreme Mens Walking Boots, not only use IsoGrip for their high traction outsoles, but also IsoDry technology that allows moisture out and prevents rain getting in.


If you prefer a walking shoe to a walking boot, you will love the Aspect IsoGrip Womens Shoes. They come in a tough, durable, lightweight and highly breathable wolverine suede for comfortable and casual walks.


The Storm Extreme Hiking Boots are a sleek, stylish and tough choice that won’t let you down. As well as being waterproof, their IsoGrip outsole provides excellent stability for wet or uneven ground. Their heel and toe bumpers ensure your boot lasts longer, while EVA cushioning moulds to your foot providing support and comfort.


If you are looking for luxurious leather, the Quest IsoGrip Hiking Boots are for you. Its soft, brushed Nubuck leather, is durable and long lasting making it perfect for wear in tough conditions. The IsoImpact mid sole absorbs impact and improves stability, while the antibacterial insole keep your feet fresh and dry all day long. It is footwear designed to go the extra mile!