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Top Tips for Camping with Kids

Top Tips for Camping with Kids

25.07.2023 | Camping Hints & Tips

Camping with kids can be hard work but really rewarding for you and your children. Family camping is a great chance to get some fresh air and spend time together away from TV, phones and other modern distractions. Here are our top tips to make camping with kids a success. 

Preparing for camping with kids

  1. If you’ve never been camping with kids before it’s a good idea to do a trial run to get them used to sleeping outdoors. This is best done in a garden or somewhere close to home so you can retreat inside if things don’t go to plan!
  2. Make sure your tent has enough space for you and all your belongings. Larger family tents will allow your children to have their own space. For help choosing a tent check out our buying guide.
  3. Kids are more likely to notice how much colder it can be camping compared to sleeping at home. Make sure you pack plenty of layers and a sleeping bag.
  4. Taking an inflatable mat, air bed or camp bed is vital as sleeping on the ground can be very cold, even in summer.
  5. Research campsites to see which are suitable for family camping and the facilities they have such as children’s entertainment.
  6. Check the weather forecast before you go and pack waterproof jackets and sun cream. You never know what the Great British weather will do!
  7. Make sure you have plenty of food the kids will like. You may wish to cook meals before you go and heat them up at the campsite, which can save you a lot of time and effort.
  8. Find out which attractions are nearby to keep the kids entertained if the weather turns nasty.

At the campsite

  1. Get the kids involved as much as possible with setting up the campsite.
  2. Warn your children of the dangers around the site and teach them some rules for being safe around the campfire.
  3. If the site allows a campfire, bring marshmallows to toast. These are fun to make and very tasty to eat!
  4. Take plenty of lighting. It can be very dark and scary for kids so having lanterns and head torches can make camping more enjoyable.
  5. Take games to play in the tent at night and outdoor games to keep them amused during the day.
  6. Keep active during the day. Camping with the family is a great opportunity to explore the great outdoors and see some brilliant places!

Camping with kids can be great fun and with a little preparation, you can make sure your trip is a success.  To get all the outdoor equipment you need for your camping trip, take a look at the Mountain Warehouse camping range.



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