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What are ski socks?

25.09.2014 | FAQs
Q.What are ski socks?

A. Ski socks are a special type of sock designed to be worn with ski boots. Regular socks will not provide you with the same warmth or protection that ski socks will.Ski socks are normally long, and provide extra cushioning on the toe and shin to protect against boot pressure. When choosing ski socks you should avoid any cotton socks. A wool blend will keep your feet warm, as well as wicking away moisture, which will help you to avoid getting frostbite.

Other styles of ski socks are called ‘ski tubes’. This style are all one size and do not have the heel, they are essentially one long tube. The flat design means that if they twist inside your snow boot they will not be uncomfortable, but it is personal preference on the style of ski sock you go for.

One pair is usually sufficient, unless it is extremely cold, then a very thin under sock can be worn for added insulation. It’s always best to carry a spare pair of ski socks with you, just in case they get wet. Wet socks equal cold feet.