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Fair Weather Friends Survey 2015

23.09.2015 | Autumn Adventures

Love to gas about the weather or have a little moan about the recent downpour delaying your commute? You’re not alone. We recently conducted a survey to find out how much the British public discuss the weather, sink your teeth into some of these highly interesting stats below:

Talking on Sunshine

The average Brit spends 3 months of their lives talking about the weather.

Ice, Ice, Breaker

Weather is Britain’s favourite Ice Breaker, with 42% of Brits admitting they turn to this topic when meeting a stranger for the first time.

Why Does it Always Rain on Me?

British weather is the most complained about topic in the UK, beating British transport, work or your significant other.

London Bridge is Pouring Down

Londoners are most interested in the weather, beating Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

Better the Weather You Know

Turns out there are many ways for us Brits to check the weather (note:this usually takes place before making any excursions – better to be safe than soggy!)

60% – Online

55% – TV

36% – Phone App

30% – Looking Outside

17% – Radio

Download the PDF here

FB_01_Talking on Sunshine


FB_02_Ice,Ice Breaker

FB_03_Why Does It Always Rain On Me

FB_04_London Brigde Is Pouring Down

FB_05_Better The Weather You Know