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First Ski Trip: 8 Ski Gear Tips I Wish I Knew

First Ski Trip: 8 Ski Gear Tips I Wish I Knew

28.02.2017 | Expert Advice

Last year I headed off on my first ski trip. Having bought all my ski gear solo, here are eight equipment tips I wish I knew before I left.

Choose the Correct Ski Goggles
Picking ski goggles with orange lenses because they look good can backfire when you reach the slopes. Remember, different goggles are suitable for different conditions. To find out more check out our goggles buying guide


It’s Not Always Cheaper to Hire
Although Skis and Snowboards are expensive, items such as helmets can often be bought at an affordable price which isn’t much higher than the rental cost. 


Choose Waterproof Ski Pants/Salopettes
As a beginner on your first ski trip, you may find yourself sitting on the snow a lot. Waterproof ski pants will help you stay warm and dry as you find your feet. 


Look After Your Valuables
Choose a ski jacket with pockets to keep phones and wallets safe, it’s a long way back up the mountain if you lose something!


Stick to One Pair of Ski Socks
Although it may seem illogical, wearing two pairs of socks can actually make your feet colder than one. Invest in a good pair of ski socks to keep your feet warm and comfortable.


Take a Small Backpack
Once you’ve mastered the slopes it’s likely you’ll be out on the piste for hours at a time. Taking a backpack will allow you to carry supplies such as water and snacks to keep your energy high. Mini or small backpacks will allow you to carry these essentials without restricting movement.


Pay Attention to Layering
Good layering is essential for skiing. Check the weather reports before you head out to ensure you’re not too hot or cold. If you are not sure how to correctly layer, see our guide to layering.


Consider Purchasing Snow Boots
The compacted snow around the villages can be a challenge for even the sturdiest of shoes. A pair of snow boots will give excellent grip with the bonus of keeping your feet warm.


Now you’ve got the gear it’s time to get ready for the slopes! Take a look at our 10 Skiing Tips for the Mountain to help get your Skiing or Snowboarding off to a brilliant start.