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Ultralight Backpacking: Top Tips for Packing Light

Ultralight Backpacking: Top Tips for Packing Light

28.02.2017 | Expert Advice

Ultralight backpacking is a great way to lighten the load on your shoulders and make backpacking more enjoyable. Here are 8 tips which can increase your enjoyment whilst keeping the essentials in your bag.


Make a Kit List
The first step to lightening your bag is making a backpacking checklist. Creating a list of all the kit you need will prevent you adding needless items and weight to your bag whilst ensuring the essential items are packed.


Weigh all Your Equipment
When packing, use a set of scales and weigh each item individually. Pay close attention to the weight of each item and think about where you could make the biggest weight reductions for the lowest outlay of time.


Avoid Last Minute Packing
Packing with plenty of time will give you the chance to make any weight reductions should you need to. Packing in a rush increases the chance of packing non-essential equipment or missing items off your list.


Use Microfiber Towels
Microfiber towels are lightweight and compact, which will save weight and space in your backpack. They are also highly absorbent and will dry faster than a regular towel.


Get the Right Rucksack
Choosing the right rucksack for ultralight backpacking can be difficult. It’s important to choose a rucksack which is suitable for the activities you’ll be undertaking and the loads you want to carry. Check out our rucksack guide for some tips on finding the right rucksack for you.


Choose the Right Sleeping Bag
When ultralight backpacking, choosing the correct sleeping bag is crucial. Picking a sleeping bag with a higher temperature rating than you require will mean carrying unnecessary weight. Similarly, buying a sleeping bag with a temperature rating which is too low may lead to carrying extra items to keep you warm at night. For help choosing the correct sleeping bag, check out our sleeping bag guide.


Pack a Foil Blanket
Foil blankets are lightweight and low bulk sheets of reflective foil designed reduce a person’s heat loss. Alongside keeping you warm they can be used as a groundsheet, emergency shelter or to signal for help.


Split the Load With a Friend
If you’re backpacking with a friend you can split the weight of items you’ll both be using such as your tent and cooking equipment.


Ultralight Backpacking is a great way to reduce the stresses of carrying heavy loads and increase your enjoyment. However, it is vital you pack the essential items which ensure your safety and comfort, wherever your travelling takes you.