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Sponsorship & Charity Requests

Sponsorship & Charity Requests

17.02.2017 | Charity Challenge Competition

We receive a large number of requests from groups and individuals appealing for sponsorship and/or Mountain Warehouse products on behalf of charities and upcoming projects, and while we love to hear about the charity challenges you are taking part in and are proud that you want us to be involved, unfortunately we cannot oblige all of these requests.


Instead we try to focus on a number of well-defined projects and purposes geared around our passion for making the outdoors accessible for all and supporting local communities. For that reason we support:


  • Projects that are 100% charitable
  • Charitable organisations and challenges which promote environmental conservation
  • Charitable organisations which support marginalised and vulnerable people/families


This support ranges from internal fundraising, designing and selling specific products to raise money on their behalf to donating products for charitable walks, treks and expeditions. We are currently proud to support the Sreepur Village charity in Bangladesh and over 220 national & local charities, individually nominated by each of our stores, across UK and Republic of Ireland via our Charity Bags initiative.


To find out which charity your local store has nominated, please head to our store locator for more information.


If you would like to enquire about a charity initiative, please write to: [email protected]