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Expanding the Jackson Pet Co. Range

Expanding the Jackson Pet Co. Range

25.08.2022 | Four Legged Friends



Since launching Jackson Pet Co. earlier this year, we’re excited to share how much the range has continued to grow. From toys and beds to enrichment activities to really get their brain working, you can find it all in one place.

Named after and inspired by Mountain Warehouse founder Mark Neale’s own four-legged friend Jackson, the range is for owners whose furry companions aren’t just their pets, they’re a part of the family!


Pet Toys

Pet toys aren’t just a bit of fun for your pet, they’re a vital part of their enrichment and to keep them engaged and busy. Which in turn usually makes for a more well-behaved companion! To really test your dogs agility and how well they follow orders, how about a Dog Training Hoop? It’s a great way to exercise your pup and get them used to following your commands. A Dog Training Whistle and Click Training Tool are also ideal for young puppies exploring the outdoors and learning along the way.


If you’re looking for a bit of fun, nothing beats the Gin In A Tin Soft Toy, Squeaky Banana or Burger Toy. Not only will your four-legged friend love playing with them, they also make great gifts for new puppy parents!


We wouldn’t want cats feeling left out, so we’ve introduced an adorable Cactus Scratch Post and Cat Circuit Toy to keep their paws busy and out of mischief.



Beds and Shelters

Our range of beds has also grown, one of our favourites showcase our new signature print. Can you identify each type of dog in the design? We also love the cosy Mattress Bed and if you want to really spoil your pet, the Teepee Pet Tent is a showstopper!


You can also find some of your favourite pet brands via Jackson Pet Co. Such as, Hugo & Hudson, Barc London and Animology.

Shop the full collection here.