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How To Care For A Wax Jacket

01.03.2023 | Hinter + Hobart

You’ve got your Hinter + Hobart Wax Cotton Jacket, so now it is time to learn how to care for it. Our Wax Cotton Jackets are made using bees wax and require more care than your average coat, and the better you look after a wax jacket the longer they will last.


Can Waxed Jackets Be Washed? 

Wax Cotton clothing cannot be machine washed or dry cleaned, they can only be hand washed. Depending on how much you wear your jacket we’d recommend cleaning it between two and four times a year.


How To Clean A Wax Jacket

  1. Use a dry brush to scrub away any large patches of dirt or dried mud. Pay attention to under the arms and the cuffs.
  2. Using a damp sponge and cold water, wipe down the jacket all over. Make sure your sponge isn’t too wet.
  3. Leave to air dry for a couple of days, don’t wear until the garment is completely dry.


Can You Re-Wax A Wax Jacket?

Yes, you can, and it is recommended to! We’d suggest re-waxing your clothing every year but it depends how often you wear them.

  1. Clean your jacket as suggested above before re-waxing.
  2. Lay your jacket down on a large, flat surface, the floor or a table is best. Put down old newspapers as this can get messy.
  3. Wax can be bought either as a spray, bar or in a tub. It is down to preference which one you’d prefer to use but make sure it is specialist wax for clothing.
  4. If you’re using a bar or tub, gently warm the wax by sitting it in a bowl of hot water until it is a liquid consistency.
  5. Using a sponge or soft cloth, massage the wax into the front of your garment, paying attention to seams or creases. Once you’ve done the front, flip over your jacket and do the same to the back.
  6. Keep the wax away from any fabric trims and the inside of your jacket.
  7. Air dry your jacket, after re-waxing, by hanging it up using a clothes hanger. Excess wax may drip of your garment as it dries, so keep the newspapers underneath to avoid any mess.