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5 Low Cost Half-Term Activities

5 Low Cost Half-Term Activities

26.05.2017 | Spring Time

Half-term is just around the corner, and we know how hard it can be to get the kids excited about leaving the house and their iPads. So we have put together a few suggestions of low cost activities for the week long break.


1. Picnic

Combining food with the outdoors is always a winner for kids (and adults). Get them involved with the picnic preparation as well, help make the sandwiches, pack up the picnic basket and perhaps ask them to get some games together. A frisbee or a football always goes down well at a picnic.


2. The Seaside

Now the weather has finally taken a turn for the better, head to the coast and spend a day at the beach. Get the kids building sandcastles or collecting shells along the shore.


3. Museums & Galleries

We are so lucky that so many museums and galleries in the UK are free, and in London alone the National History Museum, the V&A and the British Museum are just a few with no entry fee.


4. Build a Den

What child doesn’t want to build a den, and what child doesn’t want to build a den in the woods? A chance to really get their imagination going and feel a sense of achievement once the den is finished.


5. Activity Sheets

Health and lifestyle blogger, Father Fitness, has put together a nature trail activity sheet to encourage his kids to get outside and we think this is a fantastic idea! As an adult it is almost always a requirement to go on a long walk on a gorgeous sunny day but as a child a long walk can seem boring and a bit of a chore. However these activity sheets are guaranteed to keep your little ones entertained. Click this link to find out more