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Top 5 Best British Sandwiches

Top 5 Best British Sandwiches

16.05.2017 | Spring Time

Is there anything better than a sandwich? Chances are you’ve already had one today, or at least once this week. That bread + filling + bread combo is the perfect recipe for success, and we’ve rounded up our Top 5 British Sandwiches of all time to get you inspired for your next fix.


1. The Cucumber

Traditionally seen as the classier side of the sandwich world, not quite your everyday choice but always featured on British Afternoon Tea menus across the country. At first thought it might seem a strange arrangement and a little lacking in substance but who can deny that a soft loaf, lightly butter, combined with the refreshing taste of cucumber is a match made in picnic heaven. No crusts though, naturally.


2. The Ploughman’s

A firm pub favourite since the 1950s when the Cheese Bureau began heavy promotion of the Ploughman’s to increase the sales in cheese, which had recently ceased due to ration. The gloriously compatible components of crusty loaf, cheese (cheddar or stilton traditionally) and pickle (Branston of course) make up this firm staple for any pub lunch menu.


3. The BLT

Bacon. Lettuce. Tomato. Bread. Enough said.


4. The Egg and Cress

This classic choice may feel a little old fashioned but it’s still a firm favourite with Brits everywhere. It’s simple, it’s substantial and with only two ingredients it’s surprisingly satisfying. Don’t be tempted to mess around too much with extra ingredients or garnish to jazz it up, the best egg sandwich only needs a little mayo and of course the garnishing of cress to recreate the nostalgia of summer parties everywhere.


5. The Fish Finger

Genius. Just pure genius. The first person to cook a fish finger and then say, “hmm I wonder what this would be like in-between two slices of bread and a dash of tartar sauce” is without a doubt a true modern day hero. Where would we be without this eternally comforting masterpiece.