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Bee Friendly To Your Garden

10.04.2015 | Spring Time

Beelieve it or not, we need bees. You might be wondering how bees affect us day-to-day, but their role in pollination helps to produce fruit/seeds, and it’s estimated that a third of the human food supply depends on it. Honey bees, solitary bees and bumblebees require pollen and nectar to survive and the start of spring is the ideal time to create bee-friendly habitats within gardens, parks, farms or nature reserves. This will not only help us, but will also benefit other local wildlife.

Get down to your local gardening centre and scout the following seeds: catmint, sage, cilantro, thyme, borage, crocus, buttercup, aster, hollyhocks, anemone, geranium, calendula, sweet asylum, zinnia, cleome or heliotrope (don’t forget the ones mentioned below too!)

Bee Friendly To Your Garden

These fuzzy, flying insects really are the bees-knees!

Spread the word and download the poster here