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International Women’s Day | Khadija’s Story

International Women’s Day | Khadija’s Story

08.03.2018 | Uncategorized

Mountain Warehouse are proud to work with The Sreepur Village, Bangladesh. Sreepur Village provide much needed support to women and children in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This International Women’s Day, we wanted to celebrate the story of Khadija, a widow who has benefited from the support of Sreepur Village. Her story has been shared with us by Natalie Manning, of the Sreepur Village team.

Khadija’s Story

After the death of her husband, Khadija and her three children were evicted from their home by her husband’s elder brother; abandoned and alone the only option for Khadija and her children was to move to Dhaka. It was whilst living in a park that Khadija’s children met an organisation that offered to refer them all to The Sreepur Village (Shishu Polli Plus), the only residential mother and child project in Bangladesh, without The Sreepur Village Khadija would have had to place her children in institutional care and spend the rest of her life alone on the streets of Dhaka.

Over the course of their three year stay at The Sreepur Village, many firsts happened for Khadija’s family: her daughter and sons were, for the first time, able to attend school. Khadija was able to save money for her future whereas previously she had never been given the chance. Khadija was able to work with The Sreepur Village staff to plan for her future; and, best of all, Khadija was invited to an anniversary event by her referring organisation and was able to tell the audience of her remarkable story.

Khadija is now in work and providing for her three children to live with her and attend school. It is with the support of companies like Mountain Warehouse that The Sreepur Village is able to continue to provide Khadija and her family with rays of hope in today’s challenging society.

Khadija and her family will never get the opportunity to thank Mountain Warehouse for the support you have given to her and her family at The Sreepur Village, which has made such an impact on the life of herself and her children. On behalf of Khadija and the many women and children who are improving their life chances at The Sreepur Village we would like to express how much they appreciate the opportunities they are provided with.

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