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Mountain Warehouse Partners With Newlife

24.10.2019 | Autumn Adventures


Earlier this year, we teamed up with Newlife, who are a charity who recycle and sell surplus and returned high street items in their stores across the UK.

All profit made by Newlife supports its care services for children and their families in Britain. Essential specialist equipment is provided through grants, and Newlife provides the only rapid response equipment loan service in the UK. Newlife’s emergency equipment loans aim to assist families who just can’t wait for the equipment they desperately need, within just 72 hours.

Newlife also has a free nurse helpline offering advice and support to families, often at a time of crisis. After hearing from countless families about the difficulties of accessing specialist toys for their children, Newlife created its range of Play Therapy Pods, which provide a loan of specialist toys for 12 weeks at a time.

Since June 2019, our 250+ UK based, and numerous European stores, have been donating all unsellable products to Newlife, who have repaired and resold these items for charity. As well as helping to support the fantastic work that the charity does, this safe revitalisation of products helps divert old stock from landfill sites.


Read more about Newlife here!