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How To Keep Babies and Kids Warm On Winter Walks

14.12.2022 | Winter Wonders

Just because the temperature drops, doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors all day with your little ones. It’s still important for them to get fresh air and exercise and it can also stop you from going a bit stir-crazy!


How To Keep Babies and Kids Warm On Winter Walks

The best way to keep kids warm when they’re outside, are layers. It is recommended that children 12 months and older need the same number of layers as an adult, while babies younger than 12 months may require an extra layer. To keep toasty, we’d recommend a base layer, a mid-layer and an outer layer.

The best thing about layering is that you can add or remove layers depending on the weather. If kids get too hot from running around, you can easily take away any unnecessary layers and put them back on if they get cold later on.


Base Layers

Base layers are the perfect way to retain body heat, we’d recommend merino base layers as they’re naturally antibacterial and wick away moisture from the body, leaving you fresher for longer. As well as fun printed base layer sets for kids ages 2-13 years, we also have baby merino all-in-ones in sizes 0-12 months.




The next piece of the puzzle is the mid-layer. Products like our best-selling Camber II Kids Fleece or Teddy Kids Half-Zip Fleece are ideal mid-layers as they’re super soft and easily removable. For younger children, our Baby Sweatshirt is an adorable extra layer to keep them as warm as possible.



The easiest outer layer to pick for your children is a snowsuit that covers their arms, legs and head. You can’t go wrong with our Cloud All In One Snowsuit which is waterproof, fleece lined and temperature tested to -10°C. For babies between 0-18 months, we’d recommend our Baby Pramsuit. It has elasticated cuffs and snap fastenings for easy baby changing.




Accessories like a beanie, gloves and scarf ensure extra warmth when out and about. It is well known that most of your heat escapes through your head, so a beanie is an easy way to ensure little ones retain as much of there body heat as possible. While gloves and scarves are essential for playing out in the snow.




Babies in prams would benefit from a blanket, like the Buzzy Bee Blanket or Weather Baby Booties to keep their feet warm. A warm hat is also important for small babies, like the Baby Swoosh Beanie.


Always trust your gut when taking out children, especially very small babies, in cold weather. If you’re in doubt and think it’s too cold, even in layers, it’s better to stay indoors.