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6 Essentials To Wear Winter Hiking

6 Essentials To Wear Winter Hiking

02.12.2022 | Walking

What Is Winter Hiking?

To put it simply, winter hiking is walking during the cold, winter months! It is a fantastic way to stay active during the chilly season and the cold weather means that usually busy spots may be a lot quieter and more peaceful.


What To Wear Winter Hiking

The correct clothing and equipment is essential for an enjoyable and safe hike, here’s our top picks.


1. Base Layers

The best way to keep warm when out in cold weather is layers, layers, layers. You may think base layers are just for snow sports, but they’re perfect if you’re spending a lot of time outdoors in any kind of winter weather. Merino in particular is a great choice for base layers as they’re naturally antibacterial and wick away moisture from the body, leaving you fresher for longer.

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2. Fleece

A fleece is the easiest way to regulate your temperate, as they’re probably the simplest item to take on and off and can fold up small to pack into your rucksack. Our microfleece are very lightweight, so can offer warmth without excess weight.


3. Jacket

For very cold hikes you may want to choose a down jacket. A down jacket is our warmest type of winter coat as it has been insulated with the soft and warm under feathers from duck or geese. Down is a fantastic insulator as the loft (or fluffiness) of down creates thousands of tiny air pockets which trap warm air and retain heat, thus helping to keep the wearer very warm in cold winter weather.

For example, the Voltage Extreme Womens Down Jacket has been tested to temperatures as low as -40 °C, while the Encounter II Mens Extreme Down Padded Jacket boasts a temperature rating of -60 °C.



However, most down jackets are not waterproof and in the UK, rain is very probable while you’re on your winter hike!

If you’re looking for a jacket that keeps you warm and dry, we’d recommend something like the Antarctic Extreme Waterproof Mens Down Jacket, which is suitable for moderate rain and tested to -60 °C. The Cloud Burst II 3-in-1 Womens Waterproof Jacket is also suitable for moderate rain and has a detachable inner jacket, which can be added or taken out depending on the temperature!



You may decide to just pack a lightweight waterproof jacket in your bag to swap with your warm coat in bad weather, in that case we’d suggest the Brisk Extreme Waterproof Jacket or the Rainforest Waterproof Jacket, as they’re both suitable for heavy rain.



4. Waterproof Trousers

Waterproof trousers are recommended for your winter hike, something like the Extreme Downpour Waterproof Over Trousers will ensure you’re kept dry. For extra warmth, pick something fleece lined, like the Arctic II Fleece Lined Stretch Trousers or the Fluffy Fleece Lined Thermal Leggings.

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5. Walking Boots

When you’re walking in the winter, you may come across some icy terrain. To ensure your safety, we’d recommend looking for some boots that have a large tread, and soles with deep lugs and patterned for extra grip on slippery surfaces. Shoes like our Ultra Iceberg Grip Waterproof Boots and Polar Ultra Ice Grip Boots are specially designed for icy conditions, so are a particularly good choice.

They both use an IceLock Outsole, which is made of micro-glass fibre material. It dramatically increases traction and grip on ice and wet surfaces to prevent you from falling. The slip resistance of IceLock is 6 times stronger than a regular walking boot, while also keeping your feet warm.


Polar Ultra Ice Grip Boots

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Ultra Iceberg Grip Boots

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6. Accessories

The last piece of the puzzle to ensure you have a warm and enjoyable trip, are accessories like a beanie, gloves and scarf. It is well known that the majority of your heat escapes through your head, so a beanie is an easy way to ensure you’re keeping your body heat as close to you as possible. Or go one step further and choose a balaclava, that ensures your face is also protected from any bitter winds. You can even buy accessories in a handy set!


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Now you know what to wear on your winter hike, it’s time to get out there and enjoy the outdoors! Shop all hiking gear here.