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Our Top 20 Hiking Hacks

19.08.2016 | Hiking

Going hiking soon and looking for some great hiking hacks to stay safe, energised and comfortable on your trekking trip? Have a read through our top 20 hiking hacks and make sure you bring all your necessities. Leaving behind vital pieces of equipment could prove uncomfortable at the very least and life threatening at the very worst. Make sure you make the most of your hike with our top 20 hiking hacks.

1. Create a checklist of essential items you can tick off as you pack.

2. First Aid kits and tools such as knives and multi-tools are handy for gear repair, food preparation and first aid.

3. Provide everyone with their own whistle. Not only can it be heard from far away and takes up less energy than shouting but can save your life or others when becoming stuck in a sticky situation it will become a vital part of equipment which could play a massive part in ensuring you are found.

4. A fully charged phone in case of emergency, can also be used for GPS, light and communications or as a daily walking log and not forgetting to snap those breath taken snaps to share. A waterproof pouch or back to help protect it from the elements will be a good idea or you could use a utensils/ sandwiches bag.

5. Hiking with kids can be one most rewarding experience, getting your children to embrace he outdoors and making memories as you bound in and around the nature of the world also keeps you both healthy and can pretty much guarantee a peaceful night after a long walk.

6. A good quality pair of walking boots or shoes is key to a comfortable walk, with any new boot or shoe allow at least a week to break in, short mini walks or wearing them around the house will help to do so. If you’re a beginner and sticking to mostly flat smooth level surfaces you can get away with a good pair of running shoes and for those who are looking to hit the coastal paths and moorlands investing in a supportive boot is key for uneven terrain keep those ankles support and ensuring good grip under sole.

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7. Smooth it over! Vaseline is a staple, chaffing can be irritating and at the least down right painful and at worst a touch of Vaso on sensitive areas and your be gliding along the trails.

8. Tape up! A roll of duck tape will prove its worth in a time of a quick repair, wrap it around walking poles, water bottles and containers for a space saver. You will find it very handy when it comes to preventing blisters, flapping boot sole and any ripped clothing or backpacks.

9. Bootlaces by carrying a extra pair or to will come in handy after all the saying goes “your only as strong as the weakest link”

10. Make sure you have the correct clothing – if you follow the layering system you can never go wrong. Layers help to steady and maintain the body’s temperature and the added bonus of having light weight layers make them easy for carrying.

11. Socks can be just as important to your feet as your boots, wear tick padded shocks for comfort and warmth while hiking will give great comfort. And always pack a spare your more than often come across mini streams, puddles or downpours when out and about and nothing worse then walking in wet socks to make you feel uncomfortable and do damages.

12. Bug spray protect yourself from those itchy little bugs and bites safe your self bites and the discomfort by applying and carrying bug repellent with you as-well as sun cream to protect skin from the suns harmful rays.

13. Plants to keep a eye for and to avoid are poison ivy and poison oak they always have three leaves remember “leaflets three let it be” and poison sumai has 7-13 smooth oval leaves arranged around a stem. Keep your eyes open.

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14. Know your trail, using a map or your GPS to figure out where your going as well as ensuring your have studied the area and anything you may come across on your hike such as landmarks to determine where your gong and been to avoid getting lost.

15. Lean how to safely start a fire even if its raining, it helps to follow scout rules on how to still collect wood good tips for someone new to the outdoors and trecking. Your handy pocket knife and starter accessories such as cotton wool to get fire going will allow you to keep warm, provide light and enable you to cook meals.

16. Waterproof matches are a must don’t get caught out with wet matches and always carry at least two ways to start a fire just in case one should fail or become lost. Wind proof and waterproof lights are a good back up as well as flint.

17. Keeping in contact with friends and family of your planned trip such as the location your hiking, paths and landmarks you will be using and passing just in case you fall in to trouble a search can be launched and will allow you to be found quicker small information such as times and locations can possible be the key information in to your survival if you face yourself in danger.

18. Bees wax can waterproof a remarkable amount of items such as shoes and clothing so when your hit with an unexpected downpour and you find your self with a leaking boot wax it up and away you go.

19. Dental floss is small and light but extremely handy and strong it can allow you to repair pretty much anything ripped, to help prevent those embarrassing moments.

20. Fuel for the brain, not only do you need to keep hydrated you need to keep fuel up to keep on top of those energy levels, good to go dehydrated meals and snacks such as nuts and berries are a good sourceof energy and protein don’t go running on empty.