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Camping Hacks: 13 Brilliant Camping Ideas

Camping Hacks: 13 Brilliant Camping Ideas

01.03.2017 | Camping

Camping can be an enjoyable but sometimes challenging activity. Here are 13 brilliant camping hacks to make your next trip a little more comfortable.


Sleeping Bag Cover as a Pillow
Instead of having a pillow take up valuable space in your bag, place a couple of fleeces or t shirts into your sleeping bag case to use as a pillow.


Warm Your Clothes For The Next Day
Put your clothes at the bottom of your sleeping bag to warm them for the next day.


Sage Repellent
Useful for keeping pesky insects away. Putting sage on your campfire will repel insects and leave behind a pleasant smell.


Tortilla Fire Starters
A tasty camping hack! Tortilla chips make brilliant fire starters.


Use a Power Bank
When camping, you may be away from power outlets for long periods of time. A power bank will allow you to charge up your phone and other devices without the need for plug sockets.


Frozen Water
Rather than taking ice packs or ice bags with you on your camping trip, just freeze some water in bottles to put in your cool box. That way, when the ice melts you have a cold and refreshing drink.


Take a Roll of Duct Tape
Duct tape has many uses including tent repairs, clothing repairs and as a temporary bandage to protect your feet from blisters.


Waterproof Match Box
Matches are a camping essential but are useless when wet. Keep matches dry in a waterproof container and stick the strike strip to the lid.


Microfiber Towels
Microfiber towels are lightweight and fast drying, making them ideal for camping.


Water Bottle Lantern
Wrap a head torch around a large water bottle, with the light facing inwards, to create a homemade lantern.


Re-Use Newspapers
Rather than throwing away your newspapers, use them as firelighters or place them in your shoes to help absorb moisture.


Create a Makeshift Speaker
Placing your phone in a paper cup will amplify its volume, perfect for listening to music around the campfire.


Use Shoe Organisers
Not just useful for shoes! Hang a shoe organiser in your tent to keep your camping essentials close to hand.


Now you know the tips and tricks to make your next trip a little more comfortable, check out our camping equipment and start planning your next trip!