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Dubbin: How to Use Dubbin Wax On Boots or Shoes

01.01.2019 | Hiking How to Guides

What Is Dubbin?

Dubbin is a wax product designed to maximise the water repellent properties of boots or shoes. Dubbin will protect against dirt and stains and will help to keep leather soft.

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This guide will show you how to improve the look and feel of your boots or shoes using the Mountain Warehouse Dubbin Wax. Dubbing wax shouldn’t be used on suede or nubuck leather due to its oily formula but is ideal for rejuvenating waxy leathers exposed to outdoor wear.

How To Use Dubbin:


    1. Clean Your Boots

Ensure your leather boots or shoes are clean before applying dubbin, using a footwear brush if required.

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    1. Heat Up Your Boots

Use a hair dryer to gently heat the boots up, this will help the wax penetrate the leather. Be careful not to hold the hair dryer too close to the boots, or keep it in one place as overheating can cause the boots to dry out and crack. Similarly, don’t leave your boots near a radiator or open fire as this could also have the effect of drying out the leather. If the wax is too hard to rub in, carefully warm it up with a hair dryer.


    1. Apply the Dubbin

Apply a small amount of dubbin to a cloth and rub evenly over leather. Dubbing wax will leave a slightly oily film on leather (important for repelling water and dirt) and as such should be applied sparingly.


Mountain Warehouse Dubbin Wax

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    1. Repeat As Necessary

Repeat as many times as necessary, ensuring wax is spread evenly and sparingly each time.


    1. Leave for 30 – 60mins


    1. Buff Off with a Dry Cloth

You may also wish to polish your boots if necessary.

How To Apply Dubbin Wax Video Guide

If you’ve cleaned and polished your boots and they’re still looking tired, take a look at our walking boots range.

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