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How to use a Selfie Stick

21.05.2015 | Travel How To Guides

Looking for the perfect snap on your outdoor adventures? A selfie stick is a great tool for getting a brilliant selfie and a view of your surroundings too. In this video we will demonstrate how to properly use and set up your Mountain Warehouse Selfie Stick to get snapping!

1. Connect your camera or smartphone with the Bluetooth device cable.

2. Adjust the screw mount.

3. Place your phone or camera sideways and expand the bracket so it fits securely around your device.

4. Tighten the screw mount till your device feels secure

5. Open the camera application on your device. Remember to select the front-facing selfie camera.

6. Extend the handle as far as it will go, or as far as you desire. The longer the range, the better view you will get of your surroundings.

7. Click the camera button located at the bottom of the stick to take a picture.