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Top 9 Essentials For Your Ski Trip

Top 9 Essentials For Your Ski Trip

02.01.2024 | Expert Advice

Mountain Warehouse Ski Range

Photo: Innsbruck, Austria


Whether a complete beginner on the slopes or a regular skier, it’s always best to double check you have packed all the essential ski items to make this year’s trip the best one yet! Once your kit is ticked off, all that awaits is making memories and having fun.

This blog will cover all ski holiday essentials…

1. Ski Jackets

When choosing your warm Ski Jacket, look out for features to enhance your enjoyment, comfort and safety on the slopes. For example, accessible, zipped pockets are a necessity in order to keep your valuables safe whilst on the slopes all day.

Consider the climate at your resort when choosing the warmth and waterproof rating of your jacket. Snow proof means your jacket is water resistant, making it perfect to keep you warm and dry when on sunny runs. However, if the forecast is looking rainy, a waterproof jacket is preferable to ensure you are kept comfortable and dry. Other key features include adjustable hoods, Recco technology and snow skirts.


2. Pants and salopettes

When selecting the perfect salopettes, it is important to think about your skiing ability. For example, Softshell Ski Pants are perfect for confident ski/snowboarders as it allows a lot of flexibility when moving fast down the slopes. However, if you are a amateur or relaxed skier then the main features you need to look for are the waterproof rating, snow gaiters (to stop snow from entering your snow pants) and zipped pockets.

Just like choosing a ski jacket, the style and colour can be a key factor – especially if you intend on taking some great shots at the top of the pistes or at après-ski.


3. Base Layers

Dressing smart through layering is vital to stay warm and the best way to do this is through base layers, as they can be added or removed depending on the conditions. The main function of base layers is that they regulate your body temperature and wick away moisture from the skin.

When selecting your base layers, one of the most premium materials to look out for is merino wool. Not only is this fabric naturally anti-bacterial so you stay fresher for longer, it is also lightweight and breathable – therefore giving a weightless feeling.

4. Snow Boots

Compacted snow around the ski resort can be a challenge for even the sturdiest of shoes. A pair of snow boots will offer excellent grip with the added bonus of keeping your feet warm. When assessing the right snow boots for you, the main design points to be aware of are; deep lugs in the soles of the boots meaning they have an excellent grip, a thinsulate lining which adds warmth without bulk in the inner part of the boot, and a waterproof lower half of the boot in order to protect the soles and your feet from becoming damp when walking on wet terrain. You can also find snow boots in a ‘chalet chic’ design, making them perfect to pop back on when off the slopes.


5. Rucksack

Besides the luggage to move all of your gear, we recommend bringing a lightweight daypack up to 20L for your day trips. Practical and compact, the Inca 18L Backpack has EVA back system, removable hip belt and adjustable chest straps – great as a sports bag. An extra layer, lunch and snacks, spare gloves, sun cream and glasses are a few of the essentials to take with you during the day.


Inca 18L Backpack

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6. Gloves

Your hands are notoriously hard to warm up once the cold has reached them, so choosing the right ski gloves is vital. Opting for insulated gloves will keep your fingers warm allowing you to hold your ski poles without any discomfort.

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7. Socks

Ski socks will provide you with more warmth and protection than regular socks, with their longer length and extra cushioning on the toe to protect you from ski boot pressure.

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8. Helmets

Ski helmets are compulsory at most resorts as they offer extra protection for skiers. Although you can rent from most locations, it is sometimes cheaper to buy your own helmet rather than having to rent one each time you are heading to the mountains.

Pinnacle Unisex Ski Helmet

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9. Goggles

Weather conditions at the top of the slopes can be much more intense, and this includes sun rays. When at higher altitudes, UV rays are much stronger meaning sun and snow glare can be problematic. Ski goggles are the perfect option as they are more secure than sunglasses, so won’t fly off on the way down and will also help protect your eyes from the wind when descending the pistes.

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Now that you are all set with the perfect kit for the slopes, head to our Layering System blog to know how to layer each piece together. Be sure to tag us in all your Mountain Warehouse ski photos as we would love to see them.