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What to Wear Cycling

31.10.2013 | Active Kit Lists

Cycling Checklist

  1. Hi-Vis Jacket or Vest


  2. Bike Shorts or Leggings (Trouser Clips if wearing loose trousers)


  3. Baselayer/s


  4. Bike Helmet


  5. Sport Socks

    Lightweight and breathable socks are ideal for cycling. Antibacterial properties are also desirable if you find you sweat a lot!

  6. Cycling Shoes or Trainers

    Specially designed cycle shoes will often have improved grip so your feet don’t slip off the pedals.

  7. Water Bottle/Hydration Pack

    Staying hydrated whilst active is very important. Fix your bottle to your bike with a water bottle holder. For longer rides a hydro bag with built in hydration system will give you hands-free access to your water. Choose a hi viz pack for added visibility in the dark.

  8. Bike Gloves

    Gloves designed specifically for cycling are highly recommended for a number of reasons. Absorb road vibrations, protect your hands should you fall off, help with grip (should your hands get sweaty) and are useful for wiping your nose mid ride! Of course they will also keep your hands warm on chilly days.

  9. Hi Viz Safety Belt

    A hi viz safety belt is ideal for making you more visible in daylight and equally as useful for night rides- especially if you don’t wear a hi viz jacket or vest.