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Half Term Outdoor Ideas

23.05.2013 | Activities

It’s that time of year again…half term!! May is nearly over and summer should be around here somewhere?

If you’re panicking at the prospect of keeping the kids busy during the holidays, we are here to set your mind at ease. Here are some smashing outdoor ideas to keep the little ones smiling and hopefully tire them out in the process!

National Trust Events

As always National Trust are on the ball with great events for families this half term. Some of the highlights include a Pirate Adventure at Brownsea Island in Dorset, the kids will be swashbuckling at pirate training camp and running around on a treasure trail, and the Caves and Campfires at Dolaucothi Gold Mines in Carmarthenshire for little explorers to discover new worlds and make campfire meals. There are loads of events going on so up and down the country, so find your nearest

Geocaching here.

Heard of geocaching before, but no idea what it is? Well, it’s a bit like a real-life treasure hunt, using coordinates to find a hidden cache (a container with a book inside). You just need to sign in to the website and find one in your location, or a bit further away if you fancy a walk, put the coordinates into a GPS device (like your phone) and start hunting using the cryptic clues! Once you’ve found it, just sign the logbook and put it back where you found it. Could be a great way to get the family outdoors, have a bit of fun and, best of all, it’s free!


Everybody loves a picnic! All you need is a bit of sunshine (here’s hoping), some tasty treats, a blanket and maybe take a ball or Frisbee. Lunch outdoors with the kids means less mess, no TV and the added bonus of fresh air! Or you could try an organised picnic like the Hampton Court Palace Big Picnic, taking place over the bank holiday weekend in Surrey, with live music, activities and lots of food!

Go Ape

Fancy a being a jungle VIP for the day? Then you and the family will love monkeying around at Go Ape! This forest adventure is an obstacle course set up in the trees with plenty of flying foxes and cargo nets to work all your primate muscles. Adults will find it just as challenging as the kids! By the end of the day everyone will have tarzan-esque arms and some woodchips in their hair, but it will be well worth it!


You don’t have to take a trip into the wilderness to go camping! Why not test the kids out with somewhere a bit nearer to home…the back garden! That way, you get the feel of camping in the wild, but with everything you need (including an indoor toilet) a stone’s throw away! Toasting marshmallows and telling ghost stories might warm the little ones to the idea of a family camping trip…either that or put you off forever!