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Top Training Tips: Charity Challenge

22.06.2015 | Charity Challenge Competition

c/o Last year’s Charity Challenge entrants


Taking part in a charity challenge this year? A sustainable training routine is crucial and if not done correctly, could be detrimental to the whole process.  We asked our customers to share their top training tips and we’ve noted some down below:

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c/o Last year’s Charity Challenge entrants

Get The Right Workout Gear

Whether you’re running, hiking, climbing or walking, it’s imperative to buy the perfect footwear for your challenge. Head down to a specialist shop and speak to an expert in the field if you’re unsure and always try before you buy! You might need to allow a few weeks or more to break in your new shoes to prevent rubbing or blisters, ouch! If you’re wearing a customised charity t-shirt, make sure you train in it so that it doesn’t cause any discomfort on the day!


Push Yourself, But Not Too Hard

If last night’s workout took a bigger toll on your body than you anticipated, you’re probably in need of some rest. It’s important you allow yourself recovery time during a rigorous training routine; otherwise you may risk getting injured and become over exhausted.

Keep Hydrated!

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c/o Last year’s Charity Challenge entrants

It’s vital to stay hydrated throughout the training process with water and natural fluids; time to push those sugar-filled, caffeinated drinks aside! Fluid can be lost through sweating and let’s face it, most, if not all of these challenges will be very sweat-inducing! Dehydration can cause nausea, fatigue or headaches and may scupper your chances of achieving your target.

Stay Healthy

Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet will be beneficial to your regime. Dieting doesn’t mean cutting out everything on the menu as some carbs are very effective for working out as they release energy slowly throughout your race/trek/walk/climb. Don’t deprive yourself as they might be the best energy boosters! Low fat proteins such as lean meat or fish will also be valuable in keeping you going.

Stretch Yourself

You might think you’re saving yourself a lot of time skipping those stretches before you tackle a training trek, but think again. Muscle strains and tears can occur if your body hasn’t warmed up properly. Allow yourself that extra 15-20 minute stretch beforehand and you could save yourself a week or two of resting up an injury! Cooling down is also necessary to prevent any damages as your body would’ve just endured an intense session and will need readjusting!

Variety is Key

After a few weeks, you might find yourself becoming bored of your workout and start to take your foot off the cross trainer a little more than you should. Keeping your schedule varied is a great way to counteract the dreaded treadmill tedium.  Change is part of the challenge after all!

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c/o Last year’s Charity Challenge entrants

Workout with a Friend

Exercising with your neighbour, friend or even your canine companion can help with targets, inspiration and may even bring out the competitor in you!

Don’t Give Up

This tip seemed to be the most popular as motivation levels can drop if training is particularly hard-going. It’s okay to take a step back and remember your goals, targets and aims for taking on this challenge. Remembering why you’re doing it is also important and will help guide you right until the end.