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Top 5 Tips to Boost Your Votes: Charity Challenge

07.08.2015 | Charity Challenge Competition








If you’ve entered our Charity Challenge this year, you’re probably hoping to win, right? Well, public voting takes place throughout the competition, so we’ve come up with a handful of tips to help boost your votes!

Film Your Training Progress

Vlogging is taking the World Wide Web by storm; almost everyone is carrying a camera with them, documenting what they’re doing and why. Creating a platform where people can view your training regime or your fitness diet plan will allow voters to gain a better insight into the cause behind your challenge and will certainly put a face to the name!

Share on Social Sites

Love them or hate them, social media channels are a great way to promote your challenge. Once you’ve submitted your entry, you can directly share to your Facebook or Twitter profiles, but make sure you tell your friends and family to keep spreading the word too! If you’ve made a video (as mentioned above) you can upload directly to Facebook or via YouTube as well!

Local Newspaper Coverage  

If you’re fundraising for charity, get in touch with your local press office! Send in some photos, explain the story behind your challenge and you could find yourself in a double page spread! Keep some copies for the scrapbook (obviously), but if it’s a free newspaper, help with distribution and hand them out in your town centre; building a rapport with your local community might prove very useful!

Create a Blog

Setting up a blog about your charity challenge might be a better alternative to vlogging if you’re a little camera shy.  Collate some good training photos (seriously, no need to worry about red faces or sweat, it shows all the hard work you’ve been putting in) and get typing!

Email Your Office

Promoting your charity challenge at work is another way to reach out to potential voters. Sending more than one little reminder shouldn’t be out of the question either, just as long as you don’t start spamming their inboxes! Pop the link to your blog into the message too and keep everyone up to date with your training, as this might help build your confidence when discussing it in tea breaks.