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National Dog Walking Index

18.08.2015 | Four Legged Friends

At Mountain Warehouse, we thrive on being a dog-friendly retailer, so we’ve been doing a little digging to see just how many of you love your pet pooches.

  • The average British dog owner takes their canine companion on 433 walks a year, covering a distance of 548, the equivalent of walking from Land’s End to John O’Groats annually. Whatever the weather, it seems there’s always an excuse to take the lead!
  • Dog owners also spend 3.7 hours a week talking about their hounds, equating to eight days a year – longer than spent watching TV online. We’re all guilty of a little canine chat, right?
  • Ready for a close pup? Over 40% of British dog owners have posted a pic of their dog on social media. Don’t forget the photo album too!
  • British dog owners expect to spend over £400 a year on dog accessories, food, treats, grooming, holidays, insurance, vet bills and kennels, which makes a very large total of £3.5 billion pounds a year. Dogs really are a (wo)man’s best spend.
  • Nearly one in five female dog owners would stop dating someone if they didn’t like their dog. Well, they do call it puppy love…
  • Over half of UK dog owners underestimated how much exercise is required by their pup. We came up with a few dog-friendly workout ideas here.

If you’re a dog-lover based in the city and can’t seem to find the time or pet-friendly property to be a full-time owner, Borrow My Doggy, makes the perfect alternative to kennels (the clue is in the name too!) A membership costs just £ 44.99/year and includes insurance as well as a 24/7 vet line. So, the next time you’re in need of a little fresh air and run around with a cute canine, become a member! Borrowing is the new buying.

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Best woofs!

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