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Get the Look – Sleeping bag coat

29.09.2017 | Autumn Adventures

The new River Island sleeping bag coat got us feeling inspired! Why spend £180 when we can give you the look for £9.99*.

sleeping bag coat, meme, get the look

Using our Base Camp Sleeping Bag, which is available online and in store now we created a variety of styles so you can look just as good at a fraction of the price.

*Bag is included

sleeping bag coat

Variations of the Sleeping Bag coat

Long with collar (above left)

We are in love with the way that the shape accentuates the female form. A modern day masterpiece!

Hood (above middle)

We decided that the garment needed a touch of haute couture realness and we added volume in the hood and the collar to achieve the look.

The impossibly high levels of craftsmanship transform the piece, and the design becomes revolutionary, while continuing to be a symbol of elegance and style. We also enjoy Lucy our model in this style, she really embodies the moody high fashion look, also known as when will this be over.


The final design is the standout winner for creativity and innovation. The cape brings a superhero feel to the look, which inevitably creates an allure that is hard to beat.

**Please note: this post is a joke**