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19 Signs that Hiking is more than a Hobby

20.04.2015 | Hiking Hints & Tips

You describe yourself as a ‘keen’ hiker, here’s 19 signs it’s become more than just a hobby…

  1. You talk about Munros with more affection than you do your wife.Wedding Video Tape

Ahh… Munros, I still remember the first time….

  1. You have wet day / dry day bag options ready at all times, just in case…

‘Be prepared’ is your motto…. or is that the scouts?

  1. Your family know where you will be… by grid reference.

Of course you told them, your conscience wouldn’t allow otherwise. The fact you also told the entire walking community of the UK makes no difference.

  1. You get asked if you want your meal dehydrated or in a flask.

Your other half knows you won’t actually be back in time for the family meal. Waste not, want not… it’ll still be good for tomorrows trip out!

  1. All your selfies are taken at the top of a hill.

Pictures are only there to record your achievements and what better way than to show it from the top of the hill you just conquered?

  1. Your wardrobe is arranged by colour, brown…. green…. khaki…. beige….

No one could say your wardrobe isn’t practical….

  1. You spend more time looking after your boots than you spend with the kids.

Kids are great, they help carry the shopping and stuff but they aren’t going to be much help on Striding Edge now are they…. Now where the Helvellyn did I put that dubbin….

  1. Kendal mint cake is top on the weekly shopping list…every week.Kendal Mint Cake

Your special treat for that lonely mountain top… it used to be “emergency rations” but soon became a best friend

  1. You are on first name terms with every ranger.

They know you are out and about – you’ve told them so many times and you’ve even let them know when you’re coming back!

  1. You know all the catalogue numbers of OS maps for the entire country. In fact, you have them arranged like a mobile library in the back of your car.

    OS Map

Ah… maps, the bastion of knowledge! No GPS system can give you the comfort of holding a map. Since you bought the full waterproof range you’ll always have an emergency poncho too!

  1. If you haven’t been on the walking forums for more than 24 hours, friends start ringing you to check you’re ok.

You are always off on an adventure and are more than willing to share the (un)pleasant details on your return. More people are waiting to see what happened on your latest escapade than EastEnders!

  1. Holidays abroad mean more new hills to conquer.

Foreign climes… ah – the rare chance to show that overseas crowd what real English folk are all about. Leave the other half and the kids at the beach and time to hit the trails…

  1. You can remember the weather conditions and company of every walk you’ve ever done and regale fellow walkers with it as you go.

You know damned fine that everybody loves a good trail story, so why not share yours? It’s bound to help the day pass quicker.

  1. When moving house the first major concern is how far it is to the nearest hill.

Of course, as a serious hiker there are vast swathes of this fine country that are just not acceptable to live in. You have a suitably marked up (OS Land ranger) map depicting locations that are prime, others that might be acceptable and the definite no-go’s.

  1. When your house is filled with pictures of mountains.

People just don’t appreciate the beauty of our landscape above 2,000ft….

  1. When you have ‘walking’ walking clothes and ‘pub’ walking clothes.

People need to know and understand the difference between when you are out for a walk or just out walking.

  1. When your bookcase is filled with Wainwrights.

Knowledge is power and Wainwright certainly had the knowledge and now you have it too. Every page has been lovingly pored over as you retraced his steps….

  1. You can remember mountain names and first climb anniversaries better than you can family names and birthdays.

Sure you know you got married back in the 80’s sometime and the kids are about 14-16 years old (ish) but did they realise that in 4 days’ time it will be exactly 25 years since you first took those tentative steps onto Scafell pike? Ah… the rain had just stopped…..

  1. You feel generally uncomfortable and insecure without a rucksack.

The only reason driving is acceptable is because the seatbelt feels a little like a rucksack strap over your shoulder…the necessary evil to get you to your walking location.

  1. When there are few things more exciting than the arrival of a new season’s gear catalogue.

Magical times… all those new shades of beige and there was a rumour going round that your favourite fleece was coming in a new colour next season!

  1. When visiting a new place the first thing you look for is an outdoor store.

Everyone knows that only the most boring places on earth don’t have an outdoor store and who knows this one might, just might, have something that you don’t already have yet….